Wellness Wednesday: Staying healthy during finals

Happy Wellness Wednesday

Right now, I am in the thick of studying for finals, it feels like I spent this entire year studying. Today, whether you are a college student or working adult, I want to share some tips on how to stay healthy while studying for finals.

  1. Sleep: it is important to try to get to sleep before 11:00 PM. In fact, according to my mom, a doctor of Chinese medicine any sleep before 11:00 PM counts for double the hours of sleep. People stay up to all hours watching mindless television shows as a distraction from our responsibilities or personal issues. Watching TV at night, eating late and keeping the lights on contribute to sleepless nights. Pulling an all nighter is not the answer. Your brain works better early in the morning, so go to sleep earlier in preparation for waking up to study.
  2. Eat: Although it is tempting to survive on the quick and easy foods like pizza, takeout, and coffee, remember to eat a healthy breakfast. Eating healthy foods during this time can even help you avoid getting sick. Before your exam, make sure to eat a nutritious meal like a turkey sandwich which will stay in your stomach and keep you full for longer periods of time. Stick to a whole foods organic diets rich in protein, carbs and fiber to keep your blood sugar leveled and to keep your energy up.
  3. Remember to Exercise: This is a great way to cope with stress caused by exams. Going for a walk, run or even a bike ride is a great use of a study break. Exercise causes the release of endorphins which helps us feel motivated and ready to get back to studying. Yoga is a great way to destress and center yourself before getting back to studying.

Check out the video below!!

I hope you found these tips helpful for your upcoming finals.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

~Char ❤

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