Spring Transition Outfit 2017: New York

Hi Dolllies!

I’ve already announced on my socials and on YouTube that life has been giving me some LEMONS lately..It has just been the strangest time where I’ve had the most amazing things happening in my professional life, but then some nightmares happening in my personal life. I’ve worked through everything and I feel like I’ve come out of this challenging time a more confident, inspired, and independent woman.

This look is all about transitioning from winter to spring. Here in New York the weather is flip-flopping between FREEZING and BURNING so this is definitely transition time. The key to dressing in NY in these times is LAYERS. I love this loose blush lace-up top from Forever 21 because it is warm when it needs to be, but lose-fitting so it also adjusts to cool me down. I paired this look with some simple leggings from Boohoo.

Okay here is a secret. I am adding TWO new wigs to the LisaHAIR collection, and this one is OFFICIALLY the “Queen Bee” wig. I love adding new wig kits to the family and I’m getting tons of requests for NATURAL wigs, and COLORFUL wigs. Girl, I am bringing you the best of both. Wait til you see my “Peaches” wig!

Queen Bee wig coming soon to www.ladycodeshop.comΒ 

Bag: Forever 21


I just posted my April Boxycharm unboxing video on Youtube, so make sure you watch and subscribe ❀




49 thoughts on “Spring Transition Outfit 2017: New York

  1. The first paragraph of your blog post was VERY powerful! And oh my goodness, your outfit (+face) is pure perfection 😍❀❀ Btw I’m sooo excited for the new wigs πŸ˜„ I bet Peaches will have a gorgeous orange shade πŸ‘

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  2. You look so pretty! Hope life stops throwing lemons your way!! Peaches wig say what!!?! I just bought Peach dye to dye the ends of my hair with! Been loving Peach hair lately so I cannot wait to see the wigπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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  3. I am definitely in love with this look! Definitely enjoyed this blog and like u I’ve been going through stuff but more stuff opens up day by day! I love your style ! Ur trully inspiring


  4. Im so proud of you, everyone always face some sort of difficulties in life but not all are brave enough to come out stronger, remember you are inspiring a lot of people! Love the look hunny, slaying as usual. X

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  5. You look really good with dark hair. I love the sweatshirt. Stay positive and strong! ❀️Maddalena


  6. You look stunning! I love the black hair on you, and these looks could never go out of style! Keep it up girl!!


  7. LOVE the look. Wish I could wear it, but it’s WAY too hot where I’m from so I can’t justify buying the pants or top. Oh well, I’ll just live vicariously through you.


  8. This blog is so powerful πŸ’— The outfit and the makeup look we’re both stunning!! Keep being you ✨Xx


  9. Sorry to hear about the Lemons, and I hope it all turns to lemonade soon! Sounds like things in your professional life are taking off to a whole new horizon, Congrats! Btw, I love layering looks in the spring, because I can start out my day in one fashion, and peel into the next! I love the entire look that you’re wearing is here, so classy! Keep up the amazing work, everything you do for your subscribers and readers is so very appreciated! πŸ˜€


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