OMG!! This was the best Boxycharm Unboxing I have ever done! If you’re new to my blog or channel, Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box that gives you 5 FULL SIZE beauty products every month for about $20/month. I know some subscription boxes are a hit or a miss, sending things like cheap or sample size cosmetics or something in strange colors that you would never use. After getting Boxycharm for over 1 year, I have NEVER gotten a box I am unhappy with. To put thing in perspective, Ipsy is always a hit or miss for me and I’m not a fan of the sample size products, and Sephora PLAY! is a joke to me.

Here is a video comparing the 3 boxes:

Okay, so now let’s get to the September Boxycharm Unboxing:

I was happy with EVERY. SINGLE. THING. in my September Boxycharm, this ALWAYS happens though and I feel like their boxes just keep getting better and better!

If you are interested in subscribing to Boxycharm, click HERE to learn more!

Thank you for watching as always!


47 thoughts on “SEPTEMBER 2017 BOXYCHARM

  1. Thanks for doing the unboxing videos/blogs! BoxyCharm doesn’t ship to where I live but I still love to compare the various subscription options. And I love all your videos!


  2. It’s such a shame that Boxycharm doesn’t ship to where I live, I get always a little jealous with everything that’s inside!


  3. I would definitely subscribe to the box subscription by I am extremely tight on money. But great review on it makes me really want to get those.


  4. Even i ordered a subscription box this month.. Frankly I am happy with the first one.. Let’s see what happens next month..


  5. I wasn’t sure if I wanted boxy charm, BUT after seeing everyone’s reviews I might change my mind…. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”


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