Who is “SkinnyHealthyMuscle”?

For the longest time, my diet consisted of Dunkin Donuts, Chick Fil A, and McDonalds, pretty much in that order. Since I am not a coffee drinker, I would start my morning off with a can of coke, and drink one on the hour, every hour, to keep me going throughout the day. Looking back, what was I thinking?

I completely stopped drinking caffeine about 5 years ago when I was told mortifying stories of how bad it was for you! I quit cold turkey and will never forget the weeks of headaches and caffeine withdrawals. I am proud to say that I haven’t looked back and to this day, continue to live a caffeine-free life.

It wasn’t until I won one of my biggest pageants last year that my eating habits completely changed. In fact, it’s been almost a year since I started actively going to the gym. I remember last July, right after nationals, I stopped going to the gym and went back to my bad eating habits. I never felt worse and quickly went right back to a healthy lifestyle of working out and eating.

For me, it’s really hard. I crave anything with chocolate. And carrot cake is my weakness. But late last year I met an amazing lady who has really changed my thoughts on working out and eating healthy. In fact, because of her, I am now addicted to Quest bars!!!!!!! So, I thought I would introduce her to all of you!

Ms. Jasmine Say is a health and lifestyle coach with a degree in holistic nutrition, an international personal trainer, and owner of her own company. She has a pretty amazing story and I encourage everyone to read about it. A model herself, she struggled for many years with trying to live what she thought was a healthy lifestyle until she learned that she was actually harming herself. After graduating college and having the chance to live in Instanbul before moving back to the States, Jasmine learned the importance of balancing a healthy lifestyle through food and exercise and believes that health and welness is not just physical but mental as well.

You can check out her website and read more about her background and what she has to offer at www.SkinnyHealthyMuscle.com. She has a pretty amazing food blog on there. In fact, her Instagram (check it out at SkinnyHealthyMuscle) is even more amazing. She posts pictures of home-made meals and how to make them. The best part is that all of her recipes are user friendly. If you read my previous blog, I am pretty open about how terrible I am at cooking. I can actually cook her meals!  I also love how Jasmine is always on a quest to find new products and often posts about that. Thanks to her, my breakfast of choice are eggy oats…not sure what this is? Check out the instagram (you will definitely want to follow it) or the food blog on her website!


Also, for anyone who is interested in changing their lifestyle, jump starting their metabolism, and working out..I truly recommend starting with her cleanse. It’s simple, affordable, and only 5 days. Here is what Jasmine had to say about the cleanse:

” The SkinnyHealthyMuscle Cleanse is a straight forward, 5-Day cleanse. There are no special formulas and everything required for the detox can be purchased at your local grocery store. Unlike many other cleanses, you will only be consuming real, wholesome food, and lots of it! There is no starvation here. With 3 meals and up to 2 snacks a day, I can guarantee that the last thing you’ll be feeling is hunger.

After a brief consultation to aquire your body composition and current lifestyle, you will be provided a plan tailored just specifically for you. A very comprehesive and detailed guide will be provided according to your gender, weight, activity level, and other specifications. Your guide will include a grocery list with exactly everything you need, all the recipies with very simple and step by step preparation directions, loads of information on detoxing, and how to do it properly. 

This cleanse was not created to be a quick weight loss solution, though the loss of 5 to 10 pounds is very common, due to the waste and toxins being flushed out of the body. A reset balanced PH, energy, restful sleep, clearer skin and no more bloat are all only 5 days away!”

The cleanse is only one of the many amazing services that you will receive when working with Jasmine. Additionally, she offers custom fitness and meal plans, along with monthly online lifestyle coaching packages. Her hands-on approach keeps anyone motivated as she often checks in through weekly pictures and 24/7 access to her through text or e-mail. This is great for the client who may not live in South Florida. In fact, Jasmine is able to keep track of one of her clients, ensuring they reach their fitness and wellness goals, as far away as Singapore!

As though Jasmine doesn’t hold an impressive resume of success, she is also currently working on her own line of super healthy protein bars…I am pretty sure these are about to be my new obsession.

For any of you sruggling to reach your welness goals, I truly recommend contacting Jasmine. Her contact info is on the website, but you can always reach her at 561-289-4086.



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