With spring right around the corner, it’s the time of year where you may have all kinds of exciting things on your mind. What are you going to do for spring break? How are you going to handle your spring fever? And who on earth will be your date to prom?

PROM!! Prom is a very important night that you will cherish and remember for the rest of your life. If you are lucky, you may be able to attend prom multiple times. Even with that opportunity, you need to remember that prom is YOUR night and you don’t need to be prom queen to be royalty for the night.

Prom Perfect

What you DO need is the perfect cheap prom dress to help you shine on your special night. The key to having a successful dress hunt is to plan AHEAD. I remember my junior year, I held off on buying a dress until 2 weeks before prom, and I did not find my dream dress. Instead, I was stuck in a little baby blue number from DEB. I’m not upset about it, but I know I could have found something better if I started my search earlier!

With that being said, I was recently browsing the web for some evening gowns for my appearances as Miss Nationwide 2014, and I came across this FABULOUS website called Victoria’s Dress. Victoria’s Dress has hundreds of dresses to choose from, and they are all absolutely drop, dead, gorgeous. They offer every cut, color, and style you could ever dream of.

After spending hours on their site, I came up with my top 5 favorite unique prom dresses to help you on your prom dress hunt!

5. The countdown begins with this white gown that has it all. Rhinestone embedded one-shoulder and beautiful detailing on the waist, a gorgeous chiffon “fall” to add drama to your every movement, and a mid-high slit on the side to add a seductive edge. White is always the winning color!

Victoria's dresses prom

4. This silky and sassy piece has a little daredevil edge to it. a semi-sheer midsection framed with glimmering rhinestones is showing off just enough! The high-leg opening elongates your legs while the silky smooth black material of the dress adds a glamourous touch to finish off your perfect prom dress.

Victoria's dresses prom

3. This piece is one of my favorites! The rhinestone-covered top will keep all eyes on you all night long, and the full-flowing chiffon detail on the skirt keeps your look extremely elegant! This piece is available in black, white, coral, and champagne (my favorite)!

Victoria's dresses prom

2. You don’t need a sash and crown to be the prom queen. All you need is this stunning, elegant piece to let everyone else know that you are the Belle of the Ball. 

Victoria's dresses prom

1. This Orchid piece is #1 on my top 5  for so many reasons! Orchid is Pantone’s color of 2014, so keep up with the color trends by wearing this piece. This piece makes you look extremely royal, classy, elegant, and glamorous. I love how this dress is cut very conservatively, but still manages to highlight all of your best features!

Orchid Prom dress victoria's dresses

Are you obsessed with Victoria’s Dress yet? It gets even better. About 80% of the dresses are UNDER $200.00! Now, you might be worried because they are based in the United Kingdom, but it’s no problem. They ship worldwide! Also, when your classmates ask you where you got your dress, it’s more fun to tell them you got it from Europe than to say you got it at the local mall.

What are you waiting for? Go find your dream gown at now!

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