Healthy, happy, and safe

We had the pleasure of interviewing romanian beauty and fashion expert Andrea Maria who shares with us today her advice on how to maintain your body in shape as well as the secrets to leading a healthy lifestyle overall.

Hello, once again everyone! It is such a pleasure to be a part of this and share with Lady Code my advice and recommendations for leading a healthy lifestyle and having a fit body!



The most important think is for one to feel comfortable in their own skin as well as embrace who they are. Along with that, a secret ingredient to a happy life is to enjoy and be content with what you do. 

Andrea tells us that AMBITION is key towards achieving your ultimate goal. We all have our own little vices that is hard to get rid off, however it is ambition that drives us to want to make a chance and improve. To those that fail or are unable to stay consistent, it is the lack of ambition that is at fault. It is not that difficult to find that ambition within yourself Andrea says: “every day you motivate yourself with different activities and when you lose motivation you can always turn to your friends and loved ones for advice and support!” 




Above all we have to remember that everyone’s body works and reacts differently. What might work for one might not work for someone else and vice versa. There are certain foods that we might be allergic to and others that work better on our own body. After some time we get to know our body and see what is beneficial and what is not. Generally speaking, after research done for many years, the following aliments are beneficial and should not be missing from anyones diet and household: 


  • fruits and legumes: they might be hard to integrate in your diet if you used to run away from eating them as a child. Give them a chance and once you will get used to them, you will like them.
  • cereal: there is a variety of cereal you can chose from, honestly I would recommend rice or quinoa, which I fell in love with these past couple of months I spent living in the USA
  • mixed nuts: they are the perfect snacks to have especially between lunch or other meals. Do not go overboard as they contain protein, fiber, and other greases.
  • lactose products: for me, in the morning especially it is crucial to have milk. Not only does it strengthen my skeletal system but it also gives me the energy necessary to start my day.
  • meat: my top choices are chicken breast and fish, nothing else

My diet on a regular day is as follows: 

Breakfast: *a bowl of rice, milk, and a banana

Or: *whole wheat bread + cheese + ham + tomatoes (cucumber)



Lunch: *fried rice or legumes + olives+ chicken breast (sometimes soups, although recommended I am not a big fan)


Dinner: *fried broccoli + yogurt


In-between meals: fruits, mixed nuts, almonds

Beverages: water and tea (rarely I drink natural juices probably once a month) 

“These are my meals that I try to stick to on a regular basis, however I do sometimes get into little fights with my mom when she sees that I am not eating what she cooks for me. I always tell her when she serves me a plate – this plate is filled with unhealthy stuff- that of course upsets her even more.  Of course just like anyone else, I do have my moments when I enjoy the cakes that she prepares for me, they are delicious. There are also the days when I make an exception and I eat Nutella or Pizza. We are all human at the end of the day and as they always say: Rules are meant to be broken!

Andrea also reminds us that without having a healthy lifestyle as well as working out, the results will not be the same even with the diet.

“Even is you are extremely lazy, there is still a chance for you! There has to be something that you might like: running, tae-bo, fitness, kangoo jumps, aerobic, zumba dance, yoga. Anyone should make a decision based on what they believe would fit best with them as well as it is very important to not give up. About four years ago I started running every day. In the beginning it was very difficult for me, very shortly after my run would start I would get so exhausted and feel like passing out. I never gave up. With time, this became a part of me. Two years ago I used to to tae-bo, fitness, and zumba. Last year I tried boxing and I enjoyed it because I already knew some of the movements from tae-bo. After that, I started doing workouts that required more strength, as before I used to do more cardio. It is important to build muscle, especially now that summer is coming, a toned body looks amazing” 

Working out has become a part of me and my daily routine and I am very proud of this! 


It is time to start taking care of your body not just for your physical appearance but also for your health. Start with light workouts, maybe walk everyday maybe an hour for the first day. When it comes to food, try to reduce the quantities and with time you can reduce the unhealthy aliments that are detrimental. I can assure you that with time, the results will be amazing”.

Remember to have patience! The results will not show overnight! 


Aside from that, here are some main guidelines that Andrea would like to share with us:

  • do not starve yourself, this will not bring in the results wanted
  • respect daily meals
  • contact a nutritionist with any drastic decisions that you are making regarding your diet
  • hydrate accordingly
  • do not give up when working out until you fall down
  • be your own friend, do not beat yourself up when making mistakes
  • rest accordingly
  • do not leave for tomorrow anything you can do today
  • love your own body
  • be happy



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