Hey baby dolls! Since I am just now posting my Colorado Vlog from my trip almost 2 weeks ago, I hope you have an idea of how much catching up I’ve been doing since the holidays!

Colorado feels like a different country to me because of the geography, climate, people, activities, and even culture. I love that everyone there is so friendly and nice. I do have to say that although I’m a native Coloradian, I struggled so much with altitude sickness since I live on the beach in Miami now. Adjusting was hard, but here are some tips on how to get over altitude sickness:

    1. Drink a TON of water. I can’t emphasize this enough. I was told to drink 3x what I normally would.
    2. Eat a lot of carbs
    3. Elevate slowly. Spend 24 hours in Denver before going to high altitudes like the ski area.
    4. Get a humidifier. The humidifier helped a lot especially at night.

ICYMI on my YouTube channel, here’s my Colorado Winter 2019 vlog:

We did a lot of activities in Denver and were able to squeeze most of it into one day, so here are my recommendations for things to do in Denver:


Only a 15-20 drive from Denver, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city of Denver while being surrounded by walls of gorgeous red rock formations at the Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater.


My grandma recommended the Dior: From Paris to the World exhibit at the Denver Art Museum and it exceeded our expectations. This exhibit covered the history of Christian Dior from day one to the present, while showcasing inspiring masterpieces by the creative directors of Dior. Admission to this exhibit also covers admission to the rest of the museum so we enjoyed all of the art at the DAM.


It might take a 20-25 minute drive to the mountains, but it’s worth it! Ice skating on the lake is such a festive activity to enjoy with family & friends! We skated at Evergreen Lake (25 mins from Denver) and had a blast. Make sure you go early to beat the crowds!


Stand on the Continental Divide at 12,000 ft and take in the beauty that surrounds you at Loveland Pass-you will literally feel on top of the world! This is in the ski areas so I recommend making a stop if you are going skiing in Summit County.


I really don’t know how to describe this one. It’s a Mexican restaurant where Chuck E Cheese’s meets…cliff diving!? You’ll either love it or hate it but I’m sure kids will love it! I had to go to relive my childhood memories, and trust me, it was way better as a kid! It’s last on my list because there is so much more to Colorado than this restaurant, but it you get really bored….

My favorite thing to do in Colorado is definitely skiing. I recommend Keystone because it has so many options and caters to every level of skiier! Here’s my Keystone skiing vlog from a few years ago:



  1. I Love So Much That You were here!!! I had no idea you were a Native Coloradoan 😱 How the hell did I miss that? Lol!! Have you ever been to Glenwood Springs @ Glenwood Caverns? We went last year and stayed in the next town over called Rifle,Co and we hiked the most beautiful trails that led us to 3 incredible waterfalls ( I think it was called Rifle Falls ) it was one of the most beautiful places we’ve visited in Colorado.! Because our family is so large we do one vacation a year where we pick someplace in Colorado that we’ve never been, we always stay at the Embassey Suites because it’s super nice and the kids love it and feel “fancy schmancy”🤣😂,. We usually spend about 3 days exploring the local entertainments, and swimming in the hotel pool. It’s the best and most affordable way for Family Vacations and I’ve seen and learned so much about Colorado that way. Your VLOG & BLOG are so excellent👏🏼 you make me even prouder to be a Coloradoan!


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