In Love With The KOKO KOLLECTION by Kylie Cosmetics Review + Unboxing + Try On

Kylie Cosmetics and Khloe Kardashian always have the BEST collabs! I’m so happy I got my new In Love With the KOKO Kollection by Kylie cosmetics today. This is their second collaboration and this time it is not only 4 lip products, but also a face palette.

Watch my Koko Kollection Review Video here:

Here is a summary of my review:

  • Shipping was fast this time. The KKW x Kylie Cosmetics took 3 weeks to be delivered from the day I ordered it, but this one arrived in one week.
  • All of the colors are gorgeous, and most of them are pigmented(“Doll” needed another layer). I loved topping off the matte liquid lipsticks with the “Sugar Plum” gloss for even more looks.
  • The face palette’s bronzer and blush are gorgeous but suitable for only fair skin tones. If I had a deeper tan, it wouldn’t work as a bronzer for me.
  • The highlighters in the face palette are disappointing.
  • The face palette is NOT worth $40.
  • The liquid lipstick set is worth $40 if you like the colors πŸ™‚

Let me know your thoughts of the new collab below!




50 thoughts on “In Love With The KOKO KOLLECTION by Kylie Cosmetics Review + Unboxing + Try On

  1. I personally love the original lipkits(the first ones that came out)(candy k,koko k,etc)
    But these are nice too


  2. I was so shocked by this review! At first I thought the face palette Looked like the bronzer was going to be too cool toned, and the blush looked really pink, but then when you put it on, it looked so different, and it was beautiful! I loved the lip colors, especially “baby girl”!


  3. Love thisss! Your make up reviews help me so much when making purchases and i really live watching all your videos! #ladycode


  4. You are STUNNING! Loved the review, it’s nice to see some honesty especially around this brand. xx-Hannah


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