Motivational Monday: Holiday Travel Wellness


Happy Motivational Monday everyone,

I am currently in the middle of studying for all of my finals, so in my place, my mom is contributing  this article about staying healthy while traveling during the holidays.

Staying Healthy Travelling During the Holidays

By Dr. Elizabeth Trattner

“As both a physician and a germaphobe, flying can strike fear into my heart. Needless to say, I have come up with several strategies that help me not to get sick when travelling. I share these tips with my patients who travel for a living or for leisure.

First and foremost: if you are a female get several scarves and put them in a plastic Ziploc bag in your purse. I always travel with a several scarves so I don’t have to touch dirty door handles. Also, scarves are great for keeping your neck warm on an airplane and even to loosely wrap around your nose and mouth while flying. Not only do you look chic when flying, but you keep yourself clear of germs. They are also great to roll up behind your back for lumbar support in uncomfortable airplane seats.

Several days before  you fly, begin to take vitamin c. Try and take this the entire duration of your trip. Take elderberry chews with you and take them every 4 hrs while travelling to keep viruses at bay. Keeping hydrated is a plus and hot tea that is decaffeinated not only keeps you hydrated but the warm steam keeps nasal passages open. Try and avoid coffee or colas as they can actually dehydrate you and make you more susceptible to disease.


For jet lag, have some tea when you land and most importantly, expose yourself to daylight to assist in adjusting your circadian rhythm to your new time zone. If necessary, you can always take a small dose of melatonin the first night you arrive and the same upon your return. Also, take a brisk walk outside to adjust your body to the climate and time zone.


For circulation issues, do not wear tight clothing on the plane and allow yourself legroom under your chair instead of stuffing items in front of you. Try and stretch every 20 minutes in your chair and if possible walk around the airplane.

Finally, take some ginger candies with you to avoid airsickness. I always travel with ginger candies. They help with dry throat, bad breath and airsickness. Nothing is worse than throwing up on an airplane, so be conscious of what you are eating and drinking the night before to avoid any adventures with a barf bag on an airplane. You can also pinch acupuncture point p6 on your wrist. Take 3 fingers on your wrist crease on the inner side of your arm. Squeeze your hand and 2 tendons will appear. If you push between the tendons, it will help with nausea!!  If you regularly get airsick, try buying sea bands from the drugstore and put them on before you get on an airplane. These bands utilize the acupuncture point  p6 incorporated into soft wristband.”



Happy Motivational Monday everyone!

~Char ❤


4 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Holiday Travel Wellness

  1. I love the scarf tip! I’ve never thought about that but you would look cute and they’re practical. I always wear comfy clothes when flying.


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