One on One with Katie Hill: Ms. Alabama United States 2014

Okay, so “Woman Crush Wednesday” was yesterday, but I think that after getting to know Katie Hill, the world can make an exception to the rule and allow a Woman Crush Thursday. I am so excited to introduce our newly crowned Ms. Alabama United States 2014, Katie Hill! Katie has a pretty impressive resume when it comes to pageants, being a role model, and serving her community.

Katie Hill Ms Alabama


Age: 28
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Book: Cosmo
Favorite Workout: Crossfit
Education: Auburn University, Paul Mitchell The School Orlando
Occupation:Hair stylist and Makeup Artist
Hobbies: Crossfit, Paddle boarding, Rock Climbing
Katie Hill Miss United States
Congratulations on being Ms. Alabama United States 2014! Can you tell us how you got involved with pageantry? I began at the age of 12. It was something I had seen on TV and had always wanted to try. My first pageant was at our local high school, Jr. Miss Leesburg.
What would you say to a woman who may be on the line about competing in a pageant? You’ll never know if it’s for you unless you give it a shot!
What is the most rewarding thing about pageants? The most rewarding thing about pageantry are the connections you make, whether they are personal, educational, or professional.
Tell us about your platform: My platform I chose to represent this year is the Wounded Warrior Project. In the last year I had had the opportunity to get to know a few of the guys and have traveled to Disney in Orlando, Florida and Nantucket, Massachusetts to help celebrate their caregivers with Holidays For Heroes.
Katie Hill Miss Florida
 Have you ever experienced bullying? Yes I was bullied through middle and high school for my appearance
How did you overcome bullying, and how has it made a difference in who you are today? By playing sports and competing in pageants i realized my talents and my worth and made a deal with myself to let the haters motivate me!
Do you have any advice you can offer for our readers who may be bullied? The advice I would offer would be to do the things that make you happy with the people who make you happy!
What can our readers do within their communities to get involved? I think the best way to get involved in the community is to join the chamber of commerce in their town or city. The chamber holds luncheons, outings, and many charitable events throughout the year. You are able to network and really get to know your community and the people in it.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? I hope to be married, or on my way to being married! haha. I hope for my business to be successful, and t be a former title holder of Ms. United States!
Who is your role model and why? I have many role models, and they are the men and women who serve in our military!
Keep up with Katie! 
Instagram: MsAlabamaUS2014

3 thoughts on “One on One with Katie Hill: Ms. Alabama United States 2014

  1. I just wanted to be able to tell Katie what a pleasure it was to meet her at the Chicago Airport! I was sharing a drink with her at a small pub waiting for my plane until Katie reminded me of the time!! She sent me off with a quick hug and covered my bill!! I made it to my plane just on time and wanted to send a great big thanks to Katy and my best wishes for her success!!


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