Meet Sarah Schossow of Rik Rak Salon

We had the pleasure of speaking with Sarah Schossow of Rik Rak Salon expert hair colorist and stylist.  Let’s get to know her as well as get some advice about how to maintain your hair beautiful this summer:

sara 1

When did you choose to become a hairstylist?

I think I always knew, I just didn’t think it was a reality until I graduated high

school and realized you could actually make a career out of being a stylist.

My career path choice happened when I looked back at my “experiences”. I

was in ballet starting at the age of 4 and would constantly be playing dress

up as a kid so I got a taste of hair and makeup at a very young age. Going into

high school I was a semi – experienced stylist, not saying I had the technique

down but friends noticed my “skills” and would allow me to do their hair and

makeup for high school dances and party’s. I do have to blame my mom a bit

for my knowledge in the beauty routine since she always had top of the line

products in her cabinet and I would secretly rummage through her shelves

and helped myself to whatever she had, ultimately I would always get in

trouble, but defiantly paid off.

What is your favorite thing to do when it comes to hair: color, cutting, styling?

No one person is ever the same; everyone has specific needs, for me it’s

always a new adventure and this keeps everyday fresh and interesting. I

honestly can’t say I love cutting, coloring or styling better because I feel it’s

all connected and every element brings the entire look together. Your hair is

something that has to compliment your skin, eyes, and face shape. This is one

of the reasons why I do cut, color and style because I have full control of what

the outcome will be.

sara 2

Where do you see yourself in five years career wise?

In five years, I would like give back to share my tips and tools with the

world and educate those that didn’t have the advantage to learn. I see myself

continually traveling more for special occasions and to growing my own

business into more then just cutting, coloring and styling, I would like to

write a beauty book that will collaborate everything I have learned in my

career. The industry is vast and so are the tips and advice, to organize this on

one book I feel would help out any age.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from the red carpet, blogs, and social media, movies,

celebrities, models, Pintrest and fashion forward magazines such as W,

WWD, ELLE, VOUGE which includes: US, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France and

Spain. Yes, I still buy print; I have always felt paper reads much better than

a screen. My real raw inspiration comes from travel; I am always looking

at trends from head to toe. I believe in an entire look can change others

perspective and when your styled the way you feel your best, confidence will

shines through.

Is it difficult to alternate between styling hair and makeup?

For me, no. It all comes from the creative side that is the state I feel most

comfortable. Essentially, switching from one to another I just change my


sara 3


1. Apply daily leave in conditioner or find one that has a SPF in it, I always

like to use Kerastase UV Defense Active Crème, it’s a multi-protection, anti-
damage and for color-treated hair.

2. Ask your stylist about doing a color gloss in between your regular color

appointments this will keep your color fresh and hair sealed and shiny with

all the wear and tear summer does, it’s half the price and this way you will be

able to stretch your color longer. If you have virgin hair you are always able

to do a clear gloss, leaves hair shiny, free flowing and added shape.

3. Steer clear of chlorine if at all possible, if it is unavoidable throw in a deep

conditioner before entering the pool or ocean, I love Masque UV Defense

Active and finish it off with Huile Celese both by Kerastase.

4. Try to avoid ponytails, especially with wet hair. A pretty braid with wet hair

is always the perfect option with a leave in conditioner and then once you

take out it will be a nice beach style for the evening, if some pieces are unruly

throw in some small curls throughout the hair, this will give it more style and

texture, try a little Apres Beach Spray by Oribe after for a tousled look.

5. Always keep a dry shampoo with you to avoid constant washings. If you do

shampoo often, keep it sulfite free even if you don’t have keratin done, this

way you’re easier on your hair.

6. Heat and sun oxidize hair color, making it look dry and fried, I would

recommend a keratin treatment. This treatment builds protein shield that

makes hair easier to style—it’s less fluffy, frizzy, and vulnerable to heat and


Long Healthy Hair:

1. Knots can lead to splitting and breakage, which may explain why your hair

seems to stop growing at a certain point. To avoid tangles and help each

strand reach its full potential, to avoid this, tie your hair up hair before bed,

flop your hair forward and gather it as though it’s a pineapple on top of your

head. When we sleep, we roll around so much, but a nighttime updo puts

your hair to rest.

2. Dust your ends to keep them fresh every 3 weeks. This means dusting the

ends with a shears to keep from breaking off.

3. If you’re a fan of the steam rooms after the gym, take a hair mask and let it sit

for as long as you can stand the heat, the steam will open up the hair cuticle

and let the product work at its full potential, rinse with cool water.

4. AVOID flat ironing or any heat to your hair as much as you can, try a keratin

treatment instead if you have unruly hair.

5. Weekly treatments a few I love, Oribe Masque for Color Treated Hair,

Kerestase Ole Curl Intense, even if you don’t have curly hair I found this has

the most moisture that will hold in your hair.

6. Eat the right foods, like salmon, avocado, flaxseed oils, walnuts and almonds

to name a few. Also take biotin daily at the highest mg along with your





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