Meet Miss Universe Haiti 2018: Samantha Colas

26 year old Samantha Colas grew up in a family where she was the only child with her mother. Samantha became passionate about audiovisuals at a young age when she had her first job as a host in a radio show for children in Catholic media. At age 16, she moved from radio to television where she was given a very popular show for children in Haiti  called “soleil d’été,” where she currently works. Because of her love for communication, Samantha earned her degree in social communication.A year after Samantha started her tv show, she became a victim of the earthquake. She was so affected that doctors wanted to cut her arms, but she resisted and survived. 

Quick facts…

Hometown: Port-au-Prince
Occupation: Television Host
Age: 26
Hobbies: Excursions, local tourism, beach dance
Favorite movie: Un prince a New York
Three words that sum you up: Friendly, honest, careful
Song you have on repeat right now: Love you die
Dream job: Model
One thing you can’t live without: The fear of God
Favorite quote: There is no greater love than to give one’s life for those we love

Tell us about your experience at Miss Universe Haiti:

Competing was a very beautiful experience during which I learned a lot about my abilities and my limits. From this experience I also understood that I had matured and that I was no longer the little girl who was afraid to go to the end of her convictions.

What motivated you to compete?

What motivated me was this dream that I always had in me that of doing something positive in my country and for my country. To be elected Miss Universe is the perfect platform to shine the colors of my country and suddenly realize one of my biggest dream until today is to create an entity that works for the development of children in Haiti.

Being Miss Universe Haiti must keep you pretty busy! What is a typical day like for you? 

My days are spent between training sessions for the Miss Universe competition, and appearances on radio or television programs.

What are you looking forward to the most at Miss Universe? 

I hope to find a chance to prove myself as a young Haitian woman proud to represent her country in such a big contest. and to find the opportunity to realize two of my dreams.

What are some things you are doing to prepare for the Miss Universe?

I prepare myself physically by working out, psychologically to be able to take advantage of every opportunity and give the best of myself and I try to look as much as possible to the profile of Miss Universe in everything I do.

Lady Code has a focus on anti-bullying and women empowerment. Do you have any advice for our readers who may be victims of bullying?

Most often the acts of intimidation come from a feeling of insecurity or a lack of self-esteem on the part of those who exercise it. So it is a serious mistake to accept that these people define our life for us. If once, you are caught in this situation, learn from this mistake and define yourself.

Tell us about your platform:

The cause passionate about is caring for the children because I am convinced if we manage to guarantee a happy childhood to the children it is to prepare to see adults more fulfilled, less frustrated and who will be able to work for the good being of their country and future generations.

What can Lady Code readers do in their communities to get involved?

 It is more than a duty for all of us to get involved in our community, because as a citizen of the world we have a duty to participate in the evaluation of the world so that through our efforts it can become better.

In your free time, what do you enjoy doing? 

I take a little time to go online to train and inform me about what is news. I take the time to watch new movies, because I like the cinema. I take the time also to revise my mailbox on social networks, because b of my work in Haiti, specifically my tv show I have a certain popularity that pushes people to write to me, to show their love and tell me how much they love what I do, so it’s always good to write back to these people.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

It’s not advice, but it’s a lesson: I learned that courage is not actually the absence of fear, because the brave is not the one who is not afraid but it is the one who has the ability to overcome his fears

Keep up with Samantha as she prepares for Miss Universe:

Twitter: @samanthacolas

Instagram: missuniversehaiti2018

Facebook Fan Page: Samantha Colas 

29 thoughts on “Meet Miss Universe Haiti 2018: Samantha Colas

  1. Love your videos !! Your so beautiful 🙂 … on the prize 2 package giveaway I accidentally clicked the last entry thing to create a look I didn’t create a look and I didn’t mean to click it lol just wanted to let you know in advanced 🙂 I’m not as good doing my makeup


  2. I love her response about being brave and overcoming fear. She’s such a strong young woman and it’s incredible to see.


  3. Wow! Samantha is so incredibly beautiful ! Her story of overcoming her injuries from the earthquake and coming back even stronger is inspiring and courageous! Haiti is very lucky to have such a beautiful and strong lady to represent the Haitian women community!


  4. Wow what a beautiful, inspiring woman! I’m a year older than her and can’t believe all that she’s accomplished. I love that she has a strong relationship with the Lord and she’s not afraid to talk about it!


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