Pink Glitter Eyes || The Valentine’s Series

Happy Sunday, pretty girls!

I hope you all are having a great weekend so far. I just posted my latest Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial on the LadyCode YouTube channel! I’m taking it easy this weekend since I’ll be wrapped up in the New York Fashion Week madness next weekend. The past few weeks have been slow and they’ve given me a chance to catch up on my channel and social media. I’ve really been enjoying our conversations on Twitter and Snapchat. Twitter has been amazing because we are all a part of a conversation that has grown to become a sisterhood!

photo from: @lacynicoleg on IG
photo from: @lacynicoleg on IG

Today I posted a collaboration with this beautiful YouTuber, Lacy Nicole. Lacy has a pretty popular channel and her looks are flawless! I can’t get over how gorgeous her hair is either ❤

For this collaboration, Lacy created a deep red makeup look, and I created a pink glitter eye look.

Here is my latest Valentine’s Day Makeup look:

Here is Lacy Nicole’s look:

Don’t forget to subscribe to her channel to support her amazing work!

XOX Lisa

PS. Are you watching the Super Bowl tonight? Comment below with which team you’re cheering for xx


51 thoughts on “Pink Glitter Eyes || The Valentine’s Series

  1. I was pulling for the Falcons to win but not their year!! I usually follow College Football more & my Clemson Tigers thankfully won the 2016 National Championship!! #GooooTigers #AllinAllTheTime


  2. Ahhhh!! This look is so gorgeous… You are fr such GOALS!! I was cheering for the Falcons, but unfortunately that did not go the way I hoped lol… Stay you, stay beautiful ❤❤❤


  3. Thank you for all your helpful tips and tricks! I binge watched your videos and learned many new things! LOVE the pink glitter tutorial and thanks for the translucent/primer potion hack. I did not know that one! 💖💖💖


  4. I clearly need to find a better glitter glue, because my apartment now looks like a glitter bomb went off. Although I’m not really complaining… Because GLITTER!


  5. Ahh!! I need to try this! It’s super cute. The glam for my man! He better appreciate my hard work..well your work for teaching me!


  6. sooo sorry….im late 😭😭….this would have been perfect for valentines day but my account stopped working but hopefully it started today…my youtube all my accounts stopped…..and i love your makeup and wig…i recently got my hair dyed pinkish-purple maybe i can try it but valentines day is OVER….but your makeups r too beauty that i have to try today…love from ladycode sister💝


  7. This Is the look of yours that gave me my inspiration for the makeup I did for Valentine’s Day yesterday 🌹🥂💕✨✨


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