BOXYCHARM: February 2017 Unboxing!

Hi dolls!

Being subscribed to Boxycharm is amazing because it’s like having Christmas every month. Check out what I got in my February 2017 Boxycharm by watching the video below:

Click here to learn more about Boxycharm: ย

I loved creating this video! I took a week off from filming so that I could edit and upload some content I had backed up, and I think that 1 week break gave me a chance to restore my creativity. I felt SUPER creative today and did some hair, makeup, and editing that was out-of-the-box. I was an art major before changing my degree to Political Science and those few months of art school helped me learn how to edit videos! Thank goodness something from college is paying off ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday!



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