Lady Code Meets Bella.Akt: Instagram’s Rising Beauty Guru

Happy -almost- weekend Lady Code! I started following @Bella.Akt on Instagram a while back, and I’ve kind of been keeping her a secret because she is SO amazing and so inspiring I wanted to keep her account to myself, kind of like when you find an awesome new song/artist and you don’t want everyone to know about them because you found them FIRST lol. Well, since she’s been featured on MAJOR accounts like Anastasia Beverly Hills and she is taking on the beauty world by a storm, I knew I had to get her to talk to Lady Code about her beauty tips, inspiration, and advice! Bella is one of the most gorgeous and talented girls I have seen on the gram, and what is shocking is that she is super down to earth, kind, and humble. Bella is unstoppable so be ready to see her rise to the top as a beauty influencer!

Meet Bella:
Hi I’m Bella…. And I’m addicted to sniffing eye shadows. Jk! I’m a 19-year-old girl and I’m all about creativity. I live in Denmark, which is a really small country in Europe. I’m obsesseeeed with my cat Navy, I buy her clothes so we can match lol.  I don’t have anything special to present about my life (I wish I had lol). I’m just a regular teenage girl trying to figure out life.



Makeup Guru: My favorite makeup artist/guru is definitely Mario (makeupbymario). His work is simply flawless. Most of my simple looks, are inspired by his work.
Beauty Blogger: There are soo many!! I love Hudabeauty, Marianna Hewitt, Lydia Millen. They’re all amazing bloggers. I love keeping up with them.
Eyeshadow Palette: All time favorite is the Morphe 35O palette because it basically got all the colors I need in my life.
Foundation: Many people think that I use a special/ expensive foundation. But I’m all about drugstore foundations. I love the Loréal Foundation Infallible Liquid 30 ml it got great coverage and it stays on all day
Mascara: Favorite mascara is once again from Loreal – Telescopic which I’m pretty sure is many peoples favorite.
Highlighter: I looove my Anastasia glowkit in ‘’Sun dipped’’ it got the perfect shades for a highlighter.
Brow Product: You can never go wrong with the Anastasia Beverly hills dipbrow pomade!
Hair Product: I’m all about natural ingredients. Coconut, almond, olive and Castor oil is GOLD for not only the hair on your head, but your lashes and brows!
Cream or Powder Contour? Cream. Mostly because I’ve got dry skin but I love the finish of cream contour. It looks more natural- dewy and flawless. Which I’m a big fan of.
Blush or Bronzer? Bronzer. I don’t feel like my makeup is done without my bronzer. & I rarely use blush.


What inspired you to get into the beauty industry?
I’ve always watched a lot of makeup/ DIY tutorials since I was 12 but I never thought I would get into the industry. I always got asked about how I do my makeup, what I use for this and that. That’s when I thought about it and started creating my own little world on Instagram.

Growing up, who was your beauty inspiration?
I grew up as a tomboy. I wasn’t into any beauty related things just 5 years ago. I’ve slowly gotten more and more into it because I’ve noticed the more creative side of myself.


You post some super creative looks that really stand out! What inspires your creativity? 
Thank you so much! Tbh I get inspired by EVERYTHING. You could put anything in front of me and I’ll start looking- thinking- and start creating a look. One thing I always do during my makeup as a tradition is, to listen to Lana Del Rey. Her voice, music, lyrics gets me going.

Do you have any interesting tips/tricks you can share with Lady Code?
Of course! They ultimate KEY to get the perfect pigmentation out of your eye shadow/bronzer or even your highlighter is to wet your brush just a tiny sprits before dabbing it into the product and you’ll see a huge difference immediately! I do it every time I highlight my face.


Which beauty product are you currently obsessing over?
I got sent this brow product from @Mywunderbrow and it’s waterproof y’all ! I recommend it to everyone! Especially for those who struggles with having thin brows and it takes them ages to fill their brows. This product will stay on for days! Imagine waking up and your brows are already done. #Winning
What is your go-to beauty look?
My go-to look everyday is looking like a homeless person. But when I’ve time and the energy I’m all about that bronzy, glowy-dewy look with natural eyes, meaning no mascara but sometimes with (it depends on my mood).


Are there any projects you have going on at the moment?
I’ve some stuff going on that I’m really excited about, but I cant tell anyone yet.

What is the best makeup advice you ever received:
Take care of your SKIN. You can’t have a flawless looking base if you don’t take care of your skin first. Have some days where you let your skin breath.


Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 
Like many other people. I’ve noooo idea! I’m just going with the flow. Doing what I love and going hand in hand with my destiny.
LadyCode is all about women empowering women! Do you have any advice/words of encouragement for our readers/viewers? Girl. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Remember to tell yourself that every single day. Don’t stand in front of the mirror and pick everything that you don’t like about yourself. Instead, pick everything you LOVE about yourself. Make your flaws into something unique because it makes you ORIGINAL. Don’t look at other girls and think that they’re better than you. Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t let the evil voices get to you. Don’t listen to your haters. DON’T LET THEM WIN! Be your own best friend NOT your own enemy!
Just be happy. Do whatever the heck you want to do. Follow your heart not people’s advices. DO YOU BOO! Live your life like nobody’s watching. Create your own destiny. #TheWinningTeam


Keep up with Bella:

Instagram: Bella.akt

Twitter: Bella.akt


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