10 Reasons to Try out Being a Biker Chick


Riding a bike is one of the most exciting and freeing experiences that someone could ever hope to enjoy. In recent years, the biker community has seen an influx in female riders. If you’ve been considering learning to ride a bike, here are some of the top reasons you should definitely become a biker chick.

  • You Can Stand Out – 12% of the biker community is made up of women, which means you can separate yourself from the pack and have your own identity.
  • Biker Chicks Are Hot – Nothing turns a man on more than a badass chick who looks like she is ready to cause some trouble.
  • Better Dates – Men who are attracted to biker chicks are more secure in a “tough” chick and will never force you to pick between your bike or your boy-toy.
  • Sharpens Your Senses – Bikers have quicker response times and more road awareness, which means even when driving a car or a truck, bikers are better, safer drivers.
  • You’d Be The Coolest Mom Ever – Whether you’re shopping for Harley Davidson parts or dropping kids off at soccer practice, everyone will always be trying to figure out what makes you tick and look at you with envy.
  • Workout While You Ride – You are constantly using various muscles in your body to ride. Biker chicks have the tightest thighs and butts this side of a “buns of steel” video.
  • Become An Instant Role-Model And Inspiration – Biker chicks are looked up to and revered by other women, even if they don’t always act like it. The life of freedom and adventure that is associated with being a biker is coveted by those who do not ride.
  • Feel Better and Happier – When it comes to feeling happier, confident, and sexy, biker chicks top the charts in all three categories when compared to non-biker chicks.
  • Escape Reality – Riding a bike lets you free yourself from all of the drama that comes from life. The ability to drop it all and go for a ride can help keep your life more balanced and relaxed.

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