Wellness Wednesday

Happy Wednesday all!

I deeply apologize for my delay in this post. I have learned that I do not have a future in the technological world since I could not learn how to save videos. That however, is a story for a different day.

Over the weekend I covered the Vizcaya Spokes-model search and all of the girls were in AMAZING shape. Despite having busy work and school schedules, these women still manage to find time in their lives to work out. I for one am extremely motivated by their dedication.


Fitness is so important to our health. We are supposed to work out at least 5 days a week for a minimum of thirty minutes. Physical fitness is not just beneficial for our weight, but recent studies show that it helps maintain a nimble brain as we age, and help reduce both cardiovascular disease and blood sugar.

That is just the beginning. Fitness can help boost your mood. Not only does it improve your well being, it helps combat with health conditions like type 2 diabetes, depression, arthritis, certain types of cancer, and even prevents strokes.

I love to workout. Not only does it help me get in shape, but I feel better, both mentally and physically afterwards. I thought I worked out a lot, then I met Caitlin Russell, the new Miss Vizcaya Spokes-model 2016. While attending the event I had the chance to interview her about her workout routine.

Caitlin Russell and Charlotte Trattner after the crowning.
Caitlin Russell and Charlotte Trattner after the crowning.

She does 200 abdominal workout before bed! Isn’t that amazing?

If she can do 200, lets try to complete 100!

Check out the video below.

I hope our video was able to motivate some of you viewers to start working out. Something as simple as walking for 30 minutes a day can make such a difference in your life.


Happy Wednesday everyone,

Char ❤

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