Meet Bryiana Dyrdek – President of Iconic Beauty & Iconic Wine Beauties

While many people know her as the wife of MTV’s Rob Dyrdek, there is so much more about Bryiana everyone must know. For example, she is the President of Iconic Beauty and Iconic Wine Beauties. As someone who attended the Iconic Beauty event last year, I know first-hand the impact she has made in my life and to all of the ladies who took part in that event.

Bryiana (right) with husband Rob Dyrdek (left) and Make-A-Wish girl who’s wish was to be a model (middle) at Iconic Beauty 2017

I met Bryiana many years before when we competed at World’s Perfect Pageant, which was formerly known as America’s Perfect Teen. Every year, we competed in our respective divisions and I saw how hard she worked to get there. She won the World’s Perfect Miss title after seven years of competing and I was in awe. If you only knew her through her former pageant experience alone, you’d be impressed by her dedication, clear vision, and fierce walk on the runway.

But beyond that, she has continuously developed her business to inspire more women to reach their biggest dreams. As a former Make-A-Wish kid herself, much of her work involves supporting the cause through fundraisers, events, and granting wishes. She is the prime example of a woman that has gone through one obstacle after another, and has made an empire for herself to enrich a network of other like-minded women. Rather than waiting for an opportunity to happen, she decided to take the reigns and create opportunities for herself and those around her. Below you will find a snippet of the interview, but I highly encourage you to listen to the entire video and write down any quotes that stick to you.

E: So tell us a little bit about yourself?

B: I’m a wife, I’m a mom, I’m a former beauty queen, I like to think of myself as an undiscovered Disney Princess. I’m the President of Iconic Wine Beauties and Iconic Beauties, so both of my companies now are going under some makeovers, so I’m excited for what we’re getting to launch pretty soon because I really believe this is going to be the most powerful and impactful work that I’ve been able to put together. I’m really excited to get to change people’s lives with this!

E: Could you share with us a little bit more about Iconic Beauty?

B: Iconic Beauty is basically where I meshed up everything that I love about pageants, modeling, network marketing, and personal development and took out what I didn’t like about those things. I looked at what I wished there was in the world and then I created it because I wanted to be a part of something. What I loved about pageants was the sisterhood. I had such great relationships with people in pageantry, and I was like I love this but I only have that inside of pageants and then when I had to retire I was like “Oh well where am I going to do the cute girly things, and where do I get to go volunteer my time, and where do I get to hang out with people who like helping other people?” So I went out there and created it because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. 

E: What should be done within yourself to overcome obstacles from your peers and society?

B: A lot of personal development. So, not to go super dark, but I was not always in a really good place. I’ve experienced bullying in every level. I was 13 when I got my first death threat and then when I became a public figure things got really intense because people who didn’t know me, who knew nothing about me, were just awful. I was annihilated on social media on a daily basis and I didn’t understand it because I would never be that person to someone else, and couldn’t believe that someone else could be that to anyone else. But then when I learned about personal development and I started listening to audio books, I started reading good books, I learned about positive affirmations, I have 83 of them scattered all over my bathroom mirror and my closet. So really just building myself up. I really broke down the person I wanted to be. Who is Bryiana? In a perfect world, what would Bryiana believe about herself, about the world, about other people. What would she do, how would she act, what would a day in the life of a perfect Bryiana look like. Then what would Bryiana as a mom look like and what would she want to instill in her kids. What would Bryiana as a wife be like, what would be a perfect wife. And then every single day instead of telling myself oh I can’t do that because, I was inspired everyday to think “if this is what your ideal life looks like, what do you have to do in order to become that person.” Every single day, I would make a little change and create new habits. As creatures of habit, you can’t get rid of a bad habit, you need to replace it with something. So what’s the opposite and create a new good habit. 


My personal takeaways from Bryiana:

  • “If you don’t decide who you are and what you stand for the rest of the world will tell you what you should be.”
  • “Logic doesn’t produce miracles.” You need to believe in yourself with no doubts whatsoever so you can manifest your own destiny.
  • “You can’t manage time, time will go on with or without you” It’s how you manage what you do within that time given to you that is most valuable.
  • “Everyone has 24 hours a day” It is the one thing everyone on this earth shares, and can’t take back.
  • You are the average of the five people you surround yourself most with

I highly recommend anyone who’s interested in personal development, women’s empowerment, and finding a great group of girls to be around to stay in touch with Bryiana and everything she has going on! Stay connected on the links below:

Instagram: @bryianadyrdek @iamiconicbeauty @iconicwinebeauties

24 thoughts on “Meet Bryiana Dyrdek – President of Iconic Beauty & Iconic Wine Beauties

  1. I always knew I loved Rob; but marrying Bryiana only confirmed that he is in fact a genious 👏🏼! These two to complement each other so beautifully, and they both have always served their communities in such great ways! They do make one heck of a team!! I love your takeaways from this interview! I have to agree she is definitely an undiscovered Disney Princess! I’m excited to see what Iconic Beauty is about!


  2. I love how you covered this topic that’s another part of the wide scope of empowerment that isn’t about just makeup or hair. This message of women empowerment is just so inspirational and I’m happy to be part of a community of women supporting other women.The world needs more of this, and I believe it’s so important to be instruments in letting other people know that they can chase their dreams, and help them believe theyre capable of achieving whatever it is as long as they put their heart into it, despite all the discouragement from society. I love this so much


  3. I love this interview. Hearing about #girlbosses and their stories and the obstacles they’ve surpassed to get where they are today, continuously pushing and developing. This is woman empowerment at it’s best!! Imagine a world with more woman like this!! 😘😘
    Bryiana you are an amazing woman, beautiful in every way and a true Disney Princess!!


  4. I LOVE her and her husband, Rob. They have such a beautiful family together and she seems like an incredibly bright and warm individual 💖


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