Redefining Beautiful: Elin Bianco Hair Products

Created by Elin Bianco, this genuinely new product line was designed to develop  innovative products that will focus on the external beauty of your hair as well as healing and treating it.


Hair is an accessory that you wear every day, and if a woman’s hair does not look good… she does not feel her best!

Together with a research team from Canada and Italy these amazing hair products were put together with a purpose of focusing not only on eliminating frizz and having soft, manageable hair, but also on having a clean and fresh scent. For the first time, perfume was added to the ingredients to leave hair with a special fragrance that would last for a few days. The ingredients are natural, without alcohol in the serum or hair perfume. The Elin Bianco team was sent to Florence in search of a unique, feminine and sophisticated fragrance that would captivate women.

Restore, Repair, Revitalize

These products were designed to restore moisture, repair loose ends, and revitalize dry and damaged hair that has been over-processed. Erin Bianco products are enriched with a unique blend of 6 natural oils.

  • Organic Palm Kernel Oil – originates from Africa and is 100% organic. This oil is rich in high concentrations of natural keratin, proteins, minerals, and vitamin A, E, and F.
  • Tea Tree Oil – this oil has the ability to clean without over drying the hair.  It is a natural alternative to the strong chemical formulas found in many hair care products.
  • Flax Oil – flaxseed oil can increase hair growth and revive dry scalp. According to scientists the Omega-3 in flaxseed oil has scalp replenishing properties.
  • Sea-Buckthorn Oil – the magic healing properties of the oil are used to repair damaged hair, restore natural beauty and rejuvenate dull, colored treated hair. It is considered a super fruit due to its high concentration of natural vitamins and high antioxidant qualities. It moisturizes and strengthens hair, as it also protects it from the environment.
  • Olive Oil – it can act as a conditioner and improve the texture of hair with split ends. It is the perfect solution for dry and damaged hair, as it is also recommended for frizzy or static hair. 
  • Sunflower Oil – light oil that can be used for those who have fine hair without weighing it down. It contains gamma linoleic acid which is an omega-6 fatty acid (it is essential to hair health as it works towards preventing thinning).

This line of hair products offers: hair mask, hair perfume, conditioner, and shampoo.

Treatment Mask – enriched with organic Palm Kernel Oil and suitable for all hair types. Provides intense moisture as it repairs damaged hair by giving it vitality, shine, and softness. The mask is also enriched with vitamins A, E, and F that restore the health and radiance of the hair.


Hair Perfume – this perfume is suitable for all hair types, as it is a unique and alcohol free formula, that will not dry the hair or weigh it down. This innovative formula creates a protective shield that nourishes the hair as it gives it a fresh scent.

Conditioner – it is suitable for all hair types and can be used daily. It nourishes and softens hair for manageability and shine. It repairs damaged hair by sealing moisture and nourishing split ends. The conditioner gently removes residue adding a double layer of protection from future damage.


Shampoo –  it can be used daily and just like the other products, it is suitable for all hair types. The shampoo cleans, nourishes, and softens while it smooths hair and repairs split ends. It gives hair vitality while preserving its nutrients and moisture balance.

Creating a product that makes a woman look and feel her most beautiful is one of the most important things that we strive for at Elin Bianco.

Elin Bianco products can be purchased exclusively in hair salons. The ultimate goal is to set the new standard in luxury hair care products and to redefine beautiful.

6 thoughts on “Redefining Beautiful: Elin Bianco Hair Products

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    the balding area disappeared — if it was still going to vanish.
    It is important to always make sure that your hair is well maintained by ensuring that the hair is kept clean. These products work the
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    in those whose androgenetic alopecia is still in the early stages where hair is thinning
    but continuing to grow.


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