Fashion and Television: Dressing for Film


Miami Fashion Week followed by birthdays and Memorial Day weekend has kept Lady Code pretty occupied! I’m happy to finally be back on the blog! Miami Fashion Week was packed with fashion shows, networking, VIP parties, pop-up boutiques, and several surprise performances! Miami Fashion Week also offered something new this year: Workshops. Yes, as Miami Fashion Week creator and CEO told Lady Code in her exclusive interview at the Kickoff Party, Miami Fashion Week 2014 is the first year that workshops are provided to the guests.

Beth Sobol brought in celebrities and leaders in the fashion industry from around the world to Miami to host these workshops.

One workshop that Emilyn and I found particularly important was the workshop titled,”Fashion and Television,” hosted by Lydia Lozano, a famous newscaster from Spain. Lydia provided us with so many important tips on how to dress for television, that we had to share her tips with you!

You might think that you will never have to be on TV, but you never know. Whether you’re in the right place at the right time, got a gig as an extra on a TV show, or got your dream job as a television host, you never know when these tips will come in handy! For me, I’ll be applying these tips when I make my next YouTube video on the Lady Code channel (make sure you subscribe)!

dress for tv


Dress flexible

You don’t know if you will be asked to stand up, sit down, raise your arm, etc., many details of your garments and fit will be shown on film, so make sure you are aware of everything on your outfit. Lozano says that you should always wear one size larger than what you usually wear–not only for the flexible fit, but also because if the production crew uses a microphone on you, it is usually clipped inside your shirt. If your clothes are too tight, it will muffle the sound.

Skirts, pants..leggings!

Lydia says the pencil skirt is always a hit, and looks very elegant if worn with a blazer. NEVER wear a mini skirt! Leggings are recommended by Lydia, she says they will look like pants on TV, however, be careful with underwear! The elastic in thongs and tight underwear will make a crease and WILL show on TV. Remember, on TV, EVERYTHING shows! Make sure you are very well prepared!

In TV, less is more

Avoid any flashy jewelry. If your outfit or accessories are overbearing, it will take attention off of what you have to say/what you’re doing, and draw focus to your accessories/outfit. Bracelets and watches are the most noticable because people tend to move their hands when they speak. Be careful when selecting your bracelets!


Don’t ever use blue or green shades on your eyes. Lydia says the smoky eye works great for TV. Use only natural colors, but apply more than usual because the lights they use are very bright and can wash out some of your features.

Horizontal Stripes

Yes, they make you look bigger. The TV will already make you look a bit bigger than you really are, and horizontal stripes will only make it worse. Do NOT wear horizontal stripes on film.


Always wear closed toe heels. If you choose to wear open toed shoes, wear nude panty hose.



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