The all new top knot

Hairstylist and color specialist Mimi Lopez, shares with us once again her hair styling secrets, ideas, and recommendations. Last she talked to us a little about color, cutting, and trending styles. Today she shares with us the secret to achieving the best summer up-do in no time and with little effort.

“This french inspired hairstyle is ideal for weddings, dinners, or outings on summer days!” – says Mimi 

The secret about this up-do is that it can  be styled in different ways, therefore you can achieve a different look each time depending on the event you are attending or the occasion.

Let’s get started!

For a sleek, elegant look:

  • Brush the hair thoroughly to make sure there are no flyways
  • Apply a styling creme (this will also help eliminate frizz)
  • Tie hair in a ponytail (two times), however here is the catch, the second time around do not pull the hair from the ponytail out all the way
  • Wrap the remaining pieces of hair around the hair tie
  • Use hair pins to hold it in place
  • Apply hair spray




(you can choose to either have your hair sleeked back for this style or part it in the middle or side, depending on your preference)

For a messy, beach, summer look

  • Leave hair as is naturally
  • Tease hair a little for extra volume and a beach look
  • Apply hair mousse if desired for more body
  • Repeat the rest of the steps from above
  • Apply hair spray




There is an extra step that can be added to both versions, at the end after the loose strands are pinned, you can choose to pin the sides of the bun in for a different look!





Here comes the best part: you can be as versatile and creative as you like! You can choose to do a high,low, or side bun (as shown below) . All of these different looks are very chic and will for sure turn eyes! At a first glance this style looks complicated (I was  very intrigued about it) however, once the process towards attaining the style was revealed, you will be impressed at how easy it is to achieve this look.

For those that live in Miami and would like to get your hair done with Mimi, you can schedule an appointment at Rik-Rak Salon, located on Brickell Ave.


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