Hello Monday

Tis’ the season, everyday!


Isn’t it amazing to think that Christmas is this Friday? Something I love about the holiday season is the holiday cheer. Everyone is so joyful, kind and in good spirits. I find that people are more willing to wish people goodness and hold the door for others during this time of year.

I wish this goodness could continue all year. Kindness is not just something that should occur solely during the Holiday season. Today I want to motivate everyone who reads this blog to try to keep up this kindness even after the holidays are over. We should always be kind to others, not just during Christmas. People may not remember every good thing you do, but they sure will remember the bad things. Lets try to give them only good things about our character to remember.

There are so many people who participate in community based activities throughout the year. Some people even make blessing bags during the Holidays. Why not continue this trend throughout the year?

I would love to hear that everyone remains kind throughout the first of the year, because remember, Santa is always watching, even in March.

Watch the video below:

Happy Holidays everyone!


Charlotte ❤

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