Working on a fitness goal? Be the little engine that CAN!


If you’re looking forward to incorporating fitness as a component to a healthy lifestyle, understand that this indicates a lifestyle change. Your fitness goal should not be temporary or stressful… it should be positively life changing.

Sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed with the never ending daily calorie counts, the time consuming meal planning, and the plateau that we sometimes experience when trying to get fit. Fear no more ladies! Fit these quick tips into your daily routine and you’ll be one step ahead in your journey to embracing a lifestyle change.

  1.  Make yourself a Fit Book. I made mine using Microsoft word. These are also readily available for purchase online for as little as $5.95, visit Erin Condren for a variety of fun looks! You can even customize your wellness journal to fit your personality. These journals are a fun way of keeping track of your daily workouts, water intake and calories per meal. Get creative…make keeping track of your fitness a fun activity!
  2.  Keep tabs on your water intake…literally. As of recently, I accepted the #waterchallenge. This means drinking at least a gallon of water per day. Water is vital for our good health. It is the major component of most body parts, helping regulate our body temperature and bringing forth skincare benefits! Don’t let that jug of water intimidate you. I’ve engaged in this challenge by keeping tabs on my 16oz tumbler to keep track of how much water I’m drinking….or not drinking. Eight 16oz servings of water equate to a gallon. Every time that I refill my tumbler I simply add a flag or tab to keep track of where I stand. Want to be fashion forward while taking that step to a healthy lifestyle? Check out Kate Spade’s super cute tumblers! So, raise your glass ladies…Cheers!
  3. Work it OUT. I love group exercises, so I’ve made my workouts a social affair. I engage in Zumba once a week and Kazaxe at least three times a week. If you prefer gym equipment, I suggest at least 20 minutes on that daunting stair master! That machine will surely get your heart rate up and before you know it you’ll be burning those unnecessary calories away. If the gym is not your cup of tea, enjoy the scenery around you by taking morning or evening runs. At the end of it all, as long as you do something cardio inclined you’ll be well on your way in getting in shape.

Remember, your fitness goal should be a lifestyle change. Focus on making this a positive and enjoyable experience. And yeswatch what you eat. As long as you’ve got a colorful meal plan (protein, veggies and fruits) with the implementation of the three fit tips shared, you will be headed towards fitness success. Let your beauty shine through your healthy lifestyle!

Best of luck little engines, YOU CAN DO IT!  

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