Introducing Make-up and Fashion Social Media Celebrity: Camila Colon

Camila3Social Media has revolutionized various avenues of art in fashion and the make-up industry. Over the years, we have adopted terms like fashion guru and make-up guru. Today, we are able to categorize users of social media that define these terms. One of these gurus in our spotlight this week is Camila Colon. The contouring, the lashes, the bold lips and the perfect brows…she’s got it all.

Camila is a social media sensation based in Orlando, Florida. Not only is she a make-up enthusiast, but also an eye-catching fashionista! Like many of us here at Lady Code, Camila too has a passion for travel and the discovery of cultures and traditions all around the world. “A mixed breed” as she calls herself, Camila is half Puerto-Rican born in the beautiful island of St. Croix. Her interest in make-up dates back to her last year of high school where Camila recounts her visit to a nearby Mac store where she experienced a makeover which appeared to be…life changing.

As scouters of all things glamour, we reached out to Camila in search of beauty tips and recommendations for upcoming seasons. Here is what she had to say:

Ever since I was young (I’m talking about 10 years old) I can remember admiring Hollywood beauties such as Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Angelina Jolie for their flawless faces and amazing outifits. I used to sneak my moms mascara and eyeliner to my room to experiment and would wash my face before she would come home. I even used to draw fake moles on my face! I just remember how pretty it made me feel.While in school, I used to make sketches of myself with winged eyeliner and prefect brows. When I was old enough to wear make-up, I definitely continued to look to the beauty queens for inspiration. 

Do you have a preference between drug store or designer high-end products?

That’s a tough question! I actually use both! It really all depends on what how much money you’re willing to invest. For example, a high end foundation can be more expensive, but you’ll end up using way less than a drug store foundation to get full coverage which may or may not have the same end result which means you’ll end up using more product from a drug store foundation and buying more bottles, instead of using a higher end foundation that’ll last you longer. I love to use MAC Studio Fix Fluid as my daily foundation and use MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Powder to set if I’m going out, but if it’s a casual day then I would use Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder to set instead.CAMILA2

Are there any trends that are inspiring you for any Spring or Summer looks? 

For the summer, I definitely love a bright eye, bronzed face and glossy lip for makeup looks. I think this summer, it’s all about looking fresh and that goes for fashion too! I’m definitely an earth tone type of girl so I like my neutrals, but adding in some pastels for the spring and some bright colors for the summer never hurt anyone! 

To keep it simple for our readers, what four products should ladies really invest in? 

My faves:
1.) Primer – Benefit: Stay Flawless 15 hr Primer
2.) Foundation – MAC: Studio Fix Fluid
3.) Concealer – Hard Candy: Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer
4.) Brow Pencil – MAC: Spiked Pencil

We know Sephora is a a one-stop-go-to-shop for many ladies following the latest beauty trends, what was your last haul from Sephora? 

My last haul from Sephora was the best one because I had a $25 gift card to help my conscience and my wallet! I bought the original Beauty Blender, the Benefit Stay Flawless Primer, Nars Luster Blush, and a collagen mask from Murad that I picked up in the checkout line. I’m actually looking forward to going back soon to get my hands on a new arrival, the original Makeup Eraser!

Words to live by?

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” , You have to love yourself and understand who you truly are in order for you to know what you deserve.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty has no limits. There is beauty in everything and everyone! You just have to find it.

Do you have a daily make-up routine?

The first thing I do when I wake up each morning is massage my face. Then I go to the bathroom wash and exfoliate my skin then apply my moisturizer, let that sit for a few minutes (or until I’ve had coffee) then begin my routine!

Neutral or Bold Palette? 

I have like 543,260,432 Neutral palettes and like 2 bold ones

Who is your Hollywood celebrity beauty inspiration and why? 

Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez! They all exemplify beauty and power in such class.. It’s inspiring.

There you have it ladies! Be sure to follow Camila for more make-up and fashion inspiration!

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