10 Rules for a successful diet

The best way to have a healthy diet that will ensure to have positive results on your body!

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We all know how it goes with diets, the little pills that we hope to do wonders or the fast diets that we hope to see results overnight are just hyped up and posted and reposted everywhere…If these were actually accurate more people would see results. The magic pills we take and we fully rely on to lose weight, leave out the fact that they will make you dizzy, nauseous, and even interrupt your daily activities because you are spending time in the bathroom….. ugh

The best method to lose weight, or to maintain your flattering figure is to eat healthy. There need to be three meals for the day and the gym needs to be visited as well, at least few days a week.

Regardless of the diet, you need to make sure that your body tolerates it, and that it will not cause other problems or side effects….and consistency!!! This is key to seeing results.

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1. Eat breakfast daily

This has been said over and over again, by our mothers and grandmothers! Well…its not for nothing. This ensures that you have enough energy throughout the day. After sleeping for 6-8 hours and not eating, your metabolism may slow down. This is another reason why breakfast is important

2. Switch chips with apples 

When we are bored we want to eat a little snack, or maybe if we are hungry between meals, this poses a problem for those that just started their diets. Substitute chips, pop corn, and other unhealthy snacks with something healthy and fresh! Go for apples, grapefruits, carrots, or other veggies 🙂

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

This cannot be stressed enough! They say you should consume at least 2 litters (9 cups of water) daily…. this is very debatable…Depending on where you live or the daily activities you perform, you will feel a higher necessity to drink water. However, do not force yourself to drink more water than your body can bare. Keep track of your water intake and remember that all of our bodies function differently… some may need to drink more, while others less

4. Green, green yummy veggies 

Introduce in your diet more foods that are high in chlorophyl….yes chlorophyl! Some are (spinach, green salad, broccoli, grapes, green peas). There are many benefits a diet like this has: it cleans your blood, and increase your red blood cells. With a higher red blood count more oxygen and nutrients enter your body faster! (I will write a post later about a chlorophyll diet with more information)

5. Choose your bread wisely 

The whiter the bread you eat, the more damaging it is to your body and to your diet. Try to cut down on bread as much as possible (2 slices a day). If you are a bread lover and must, must have your intake then opt for whole wheat bread…stay away from white bread!!!

6. Don’t starve yourself! 

Many girls are convinced that by starving themselves or eating less than 3 meals a day, is a much faster diet and shows better results… this could not be more wrong because the results, if any are for short term. If you do not eat throughout the day you may feel dizzy, faint, and of course the inevitable have no energy! But this actually damages your organs such as your liver, stomach, and colon. Besides, when you eat, you end up binging and because your body is hungry, it will take in more calories. When you starve yourself, the first thing to go is your muscles, your actual body fat will still be there. Therefore instead of being toned, you will be soft.. This also slows down your metabolism

7. The magic pill!!! 

Recently studies have proven that those individuals that have a higher level of vitamin D in their bodies have less body fat…. Did you know this?  Well, due to a hormone called leptin, they get full faster and lose more weight. Take your vitamin D!!!

8. Don’t cheat! Stick to your plan 

When selecting a diet plan stick to it. Research the number of calories that your body needs and write that down daily. Also take into consideration the physical effort throughout the day. If you are very active, then you need 2000 calories daily, if you are sedentary then 1300-1500 will do.

Your breakfast should have the highest intake of calories, 400 then your lunch 300, and dinner 350.

9. Never eat before working out 

You will kill and destroy your body if you have a big meal right before working out! Regardless of when you plan on working out, wait at least an hour or an hour and a half after eating .

10. Cut out the soda 

Eliminate the soda from your diet, regardless if it is sparkling water, coke, sprite… this will only make you feel bloated and they are also high in sugar. Substitute soda with water instead! Your body will be thankful for it.

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