The Power of being Present

Happy Monday Lady Code readers!

Happy Monday

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to start this week. Hopefully this Motivational Monday will make the start of your week a little brighter.

I am sure many of you (including me) are guilty of being on our phones while spending time with friends. Over the weekend I noticed that both my friend and I were doing this when we were supposed to be spending time TOGETHER? Why is it that we do this?

In today’s society we have all these modern devices that are supposed to make our lives easier; however we are using them as distractions, causing us to miss the true beauty of the world around us.

Today, I want to motivate all of you readers to really focus on being present and engaging in conversations with those around you. We have to stop hiding behind these technological devices and concentrate on the beauty of the world right in front of us. Instead of scrolling through Instagram or watching TV at dinner, have a powerful conversation with your family and find out what happened during their day. Try to connect with those around you.


Check out the video below:

Please try to keep this positive energy up throughout the week. Studies have shown that being positive and present have a big impact on mental and physical health.

Have a great week!


Char ❤


One thought on “The Power of being Present

  1. I feel you but it’s become to common and tempting. Actually in my phone I find a companion who doesn’t ditch me (except when low battery, which is also technically my fault!) but yeah people who really do mean a lot to me naturally makes me keep my phone away. Others well phone’s a better companion! :p


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