Staying away from food trends

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you all had an amazing few days and a great Valentine’s Day. If, you had a day filled with lots of chocolate, cake or sweets, now is the time to get your diet back on track and part of that means staying away from crazy diet trends.

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Now by trends, I don’t mean the newest clothing sensation like patches or fringe. I mean these crazy food diets where people suddenly jump in vegan-ism, juicing or a protein- exclusive diet.

Today, a lot of people talk about eating raw or going on a cleanse. Jumping into any extreme diet with both feet can be dangerous for your body.


I like to think of a balanced diet driving down the middle of the road. You do not want to be too extreme, just balanced. For instance, I have been living a gluten free, diary free lifestyle practically my whole life. What is now considered a “trend” was my way of surviving. I still get carbs from potatoes and eat plenty of protein with fruits and vegetables.

If you really are interested in for lack of a better word “dieting” start with the basics:

  1. Limit your processed foods
  2. Use common sense portion control
  3. Try to eat organic and non GMO food, fish, eggs and poultry
  4. Make sure to eat 7-11 servings of fruits and vegetables
  5. Make sure to consult your doctor to make sure you are eating food right for your body

No matter what you choose to do, make sure you go about it in a healthy way.


Happy Wednesday!

Char ❤

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