Update! Who won the beauty giveaway?

Happy Wednesday everyone!

For the past week we have had a giveaway contest going on and it is finally time to announce the winner! Just a reminder, the products below are what we were giving away:

winner for little moon

1 full size Soothing Floral Foot Soak made from chamomile, lavender and rose petals. It helps with depression, anxiety and is great for soothing your feet before bed.

1 small Soothing Floral Foot lotion made from lavender which is great for soothing your feet after a soak.

1 small Shine on Sugar Moisturizing Exfoliant made from sugar and avocado.

1 Clear Mind Aromatherapy Mist (I call it reassurance in a bottle.) This mist is great for energy and providing mental awareness.

1 small Tired Old A** Cream, made from eucalyptus. It is wonderful for energy and helps restore your body.

The winner is Lily Anderson, @simply.healthy

Thank you so much everybody who entered the contest. Please continue entering the giveaway contests for your chance to win some great products.


~Char ❤

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