Motivational Monday is back

Happy Monday everyone!

Last Friday I was able to attend a lecture in South Florida and learn about The Hunger Project, a non-profit organization working to end World Hunger. I learned so many interesting facts and statistics that I want to share with you. I had the honor of listening to Lorena Vazquez Ordaz, the country director for The World Hunger Mexico. She spoke about the work that she has done in her country.

Lorena Vazquez Ordaz, the country director for The Hunger Project Mexico
Lorena Vazquez Ordaz, the country director for The Hunger Project Mexico

Did you know that 8,200 children under the age of 5 die per day, and these deaths are not caused from famine. In fact, famine is only 5% of world hunger. What is even more alarming is that this number used to be 30,000 deaths per day, but thanks to The Hunger Project the number has gone way down.

The Hunger Project is not about sending money or food to starving countries, instead the project tries to tackle the root of the cause, gender inequality.

The Hunger Project works to educate, empower and teach women that their voice is equal to a man’s. They educate people about food sustainability and security. Volunteers work with locals and assist them in shaping a better future for their country.

Women in the United States are so fortunate to have a voice and be considered equal to men, but women in starving countries do not have this privileged. We must work together as a sisterhood to achieve gender equality all over the world. It is with this sisterhood that we can end hunger.

The Hunger Project has made progress is Indian, Mexico, Uganda, Senegal and Ghana. They have offices all over the world and have been able to get World Hunger down to 12%. I am confident that my generation will help end World Hunger. In fact, the goal is to end World Hunger once and for all by the year 2030.

I cannot do it alone. We all must work together and invest in ending this epidemic. There are many ways you can get involved with The Hunger Project. This is not about sending money of food, this is about investing your time, energy and heart into changing the world.



Check out the video below to see more about my experience with The Hunger Project.


Please check out http://www.thp.orh to learn what you can do to help end world hunger.

I hope that this was able to motivate some of you to invest in making a difference in our society. The time is now for us to do something!

Have a great week everyone!


Char ❤


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