Now what about that holiday weight gain…

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! We hope everyone has a blessed holiday with their family and loved ones. It has been a busy yet exciting year. It is important to remember to give back to our community and those in need, thank our loved ones for their tremendous support for us throughout this year.

From now on, everyone is in holiday mode, few weeks will pass by and Christmas is here, then New Years! During this time you cannot count on anything you have done before when it comes to your workout routing: gym time, healthy diet…etc. Prepare for your routing to completely go out the window.  Most of us would freak out by know thinking that by January you will end up gaining two dress sizes…this is just a myth, in reality you will not.


Here are some recommendations on how to manage keeping your figure during the holidays:

Watch your diet (for the most part)

Cocktails, dinners, and deserts are unavoidable. Celebrate the holidays, don’t stress. While at the parties eat and enjoy yourself, however during the weekdays or days when you are not at a party, eat healthy. In this way you get to still enjoy yourself while balancing everything out during the non-party days.

Drink more water

While eating heavy foods and drinking cocktails, your body can get dehydrated. One trick from a nutritionist is to calculate your body weight, divide it in half and drink that many ounces of water. For example if you are 100 pounds divide that in half which is 50 and drink that many ounces of water. This will also help with your metabolism.

Avoid “little foods”

When at holiday parties you can save some calories by avoiding the little snacks such as peanuts, chips, mini anything… these are usually served before the meals. This will save you many many calories and help you maintain your figure.

Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep

Sleep is the most important thing! It could be even more important than working out. According to a nutritionist sleeping about one hour to two less than usual can cause hormonal changes that lead people to eat more therefore increasing their intake of calories to 500/550 a day. This could mean a gain of more than a pound during 1 week.

Let’s shatter a myth and share the truth: People put on at most one to two pounds over the holidays. 6 weeks is a short time to change your weight drastically.

Recall is what causes people to think they gain a lot of weight because they remember the heavy meals eaten at parties and believe they ate and drank a lot more than they actually did.

Remember that life is to be celebrated, enjoy yourself, the time with your loved ones and remember to be thankful for all your blessings!

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