How To Stay Healthy Over The Holidays (Part One)

Yay, it’s Monday ๐Ÿ™‚

Can you believe that Halloween is around the corner? It seems like I just celebrated, “Happy New Year 2014.”

Regardless of how quickly this year went for you it’s that time of year again!

SDRandCo (2)How ready are you for the season of indulging in food and libations?

What are your intentions for the next three months?

It’s “normal” to put on an extra pound or two from over-indulging here and there, but guess what’s not normal? Taking that weight off. See how that can be a problem when it adds up over a period of time without being dealt with?

My intention is not to fill you with dread or make you want to escape to some remote island until January. My intention is to help you see the situation for what it is so that you can face it comfortably; only then can you begin to DO something about it.

But until you can acknowledge the situation, you will walk into it blindly and come out the other side with “soulda, coulda” regret and nonsense. And you know how I feel about that ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, what’s a gal to do?

file92212468222501) Stay present and give the people, not the temptations, your full attention.

How can you best honor the sacred exchange between you and the people that you’re conversing with? Give them the space to be themselves. I understand that sometimes, you get stuck speaking to someone and it seems the only escape is to excuse yourself for another plate of hors d’oeuvres. What would it take for you to really be present for that conversation? Is there a way to have a “beginner’s mind” and just get curious? Ask questions. Speak with someone you don’t know so well, and take the time to get to know them.

2) Stop for a sec; pause; breathe; connect.

Notice the feelings and emotions that are coming up for you. How can you stay in communication with your own body amidst the festivities? In other words, listen to what your body is telling you. “I’m hungry for a hug, I’m hungry for attention, I’m hungry for real connection, I’m hungry for acceptance, etc.” – Whatever it’s telling you, listen. It’s an important message, and not one to be ignored. If you find yourself wanting to drown it out, push it away, fill the void… that’s great. It means that you have uncovered something and that is the key to your freedom.

3) Trust.

It’s not your responsibility to take on the stress of making sure that everyone else is happy. Just stop. If you have a desire to serve, then do it because it brings you joy, not because you feel obligated. When you are neglecting your truth and not honoring your divine being, you will feel stressed out, restentful and irritatable and who wants to be THAT person? Learn to let go of the outcome. Trust. Remember that the most important time of your life is RIGHT NOW. (Tweet this!)


Those are just a few basic tips on handling the people and the stress over the next few months.

For part 2 next week, we will discuss easy and actionable steps to take to stay healthy and happy โค

Keep an eye on for it!



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AND, if any of you are in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia, or know someone who is, I’m doing a workshop this Friday. It will be interactive, informative and you will definitely be ready to take on the holidays!

Healthy holidays 1-hour

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