Summer memories catching up with fall days

The sun was beaming… it was a hot day in August. Although the air was dry and it was not very windy, you had the sensation of asphyxiating as you made your way throughout the city. The small, busy streets were filled with people running from place to place. Traffic was awful for a Wednesday. At almost every coffee shop, the tables were filled with people chatting away, or enjoying their afternoon siesta… and that’s where I saw her, after crossing the street in front of the mall entrance.

Andreea Maria has collaborated with Lady Code before and gave us her expertise about fashion in Europe ( This summer, while I was in Europe I met with her to finally grab a coffee, catch up on things, and discuss future projects. While together we both agreed that it was a great opportunity to do a photoshoot and feature European fashion on the blog.

Andreea took me to a very cute store (Magazinul Chic). As it was summer at the time, the clothes were colorful with detail and the latest accessories were displayed. I was perplexed as I had so many options to chose from. As Andrea knew the store she already had an idea in mind of the popular trends and what we should wear.


The first look we did is one of my favorite looks of all. This look reminds me of the fun summer days when everything is easy and relaxed. Leather is always trending no matter the season, so we chose a red leather skirt that was flared. We paired the skirt with a fun black fringe top with red lips.

The outfit was something different that I don’t usually wear but I loved the style. It was a cute, relaxed look….but honestly the best way for me to describe it was different.

The day continued to be hot and the sun was burning, it was right in the afternoon hours. Our photographer, Vlad Poptamas was amazing. The ambiance was relaxed, fun, and playful. That afternoon was filled with laughter and I created some pleasant memories that I will never forget.

Here are some looks from that day:









Shop the look: Magazinul CHIC

Photographer: Vlad Poptamas(

For more European Fashion you can also find Andreea on Instagram: @andreea_mariabb


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