Where Does True Confidence Come From (Part 3)

It’s Tuesday and Melissa is STILL dishing out motivation. 😉

This is what I happened to me: I was asked to share my google calendar- my daily schedule with basically every minute of my day planned out – with my mentor. I mean, she’s here to help me raise MY level of productivity and help me CONTROL time, right?

But I suddenly got very insecure about sharing my calendar with her. (I mean, I was so sure she was going to judge how I was spending my time! I didn’t like the idea of her seeing when I was going to get groceries, and when I was with friends and family and all that)

So, I said to her straight up, “sharing my calendar with you makes me super uncomfortable – I’m resisting it because I’m afraid you’re totally going to judge me.”
And she’s like, “Well, first of all, worrying about what I’m going to think about you is totally taking you out of present time and sticking you right back into your head. Second of all, it’s none of my business how you spend your time but I can’t help you until I can see exactly what is going on in your life and what your days are filled with, etc.”

Wow. #lifelesson.

I really needed to confront this.

I felt a HUGE weight lift off of my shoulders!

Amazing. Who knew that I was so afraid of being judged?
Well, I knew but I didn’t want to admit it. I’m just as insecure about my level of productivity as the next person.

That’s it. I said it. I have a bad relationship with time and even though I have come a long way, I still have a long way to go.

I tend to schedule 3 days worth of stuff into one day, and then feel defeated when I don’t come through.

I have a terrible habit of being on both ends of the spectrum ~ procrastinating too much or not giving myself time to relax (or even to pee!)

It sounds crazy, right? Damn right.
And this is how I start to learn and get better.

Right here. Right now.
It begins.

I will work towards balancing my schedule and healing my relationship with time.

Among other news:
Here’s the video for part 3 of “Where Does True Confidence Come From?”

Enjoy! (It’s only a minute and 40 seconds long 😉 )

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