Fall Favorite Colors

Fall is one of the best seasons for fashion.  After summer runs its course and we wear the bright, floral, colorful dresses, fall steps in bringing in something new. Personally, I like to change my style a lot. After wearing the summer colors for a while I get bored and it is refreshing to wear something new.

Let’s talk about my favorite fall hues and what they can be combined with:



This is one of my fall favorite colors. It is a deep, rich shade that is also very elegant. I love wearing sweaters, blouses, or jackets in this color.  As I have dark hair, this color compliments it well. As the leaves are turning during the fall days, and the skies are darkening, this color provides the perfect contrast. It is a classic, deep color that looks elegant and it is perfect for any occasion. It most definitely is a bold color, which will make you stand out wherever you go.

Dark Olive





This shade is perfect for this season.  It is easy to match with other colors as well. While not as bold as burgundy, this shade is more subtle, yet can be very elegant. I would buy a jacket in this color or maybe even a sweater. This color is suitable with an article of clothing that is loose. I am thinking about an over sized sweater, blazer, or jacket, as well as maybe even a dress.  During a cold day, I would wear a dark olive jacket paired with a white oversize blouse, a dark pair of pains (black, or purple) and black heeled ankle boots.




Although this color is great for most seasons, it is nevertheless great for fall. This color is neutral therefore it is easy to match with any skin tone and hair color. A dress, jacket, shirt, or sweater would work great. With this color, as it is so neutral you can add a dark colored pair of pants such as violet or even burgundy and thigh-high boots. It is a very delicate, daytime color.

Dark Violet


This is another one of my fall favorites. It is a deep, vibrant, and rich color. I would buy a pair of tight pants in this color and pair them up with a large white sweater and black heel ankle boots. This color is perfect for a blouse, top, or jacket. Even wearing an all white outfit and putting a dark violet scarf it would accessorize and enhance your look. This color would work great even in stocking, with a pair of tall heeled boots and a black dress on top. There are many options that can be made with this color for fall.

Chocolate Brown

brown nnn



This color is different, yet perfect for the fall days. It is a rich, deep color that contrast perfect with the beautiful autumn colors. Although I do not own many clothes in this color, I plan on getting more. It is easy to match with white, nude, black, or grey.  An oversize sweater would be great in this color with a pair of dark pants and high heeled boots.


There are many other colors that would be good for the fall seasons. This is a fun season for fashion and there are many possibilities to accessorize. Some essential for fall are thigh high boots, leather pants, oversize sweaters, oversize tops, blazers, scarves, and stockings.


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