Sephora – Natural Therapy Masks

Recently as I was searching for a moisturizing face mask I stumbled upon something new, yet amazing! Although this is not your typical mask that you apply from a jar onto your face and afterwards you rinse off, this completely different, but effective mask, offers a variety of options for your skincare/ skin routine.

The collection includes different masks with 10 different kinds of all natural ingredients – Avocado, Green Tea, Ginseng, Honey, Red Pomegranate, Rose, Lotus, Pearl, Barley, Linghzi. Each one is for your particular skin concern.


Let’s find out more information about each mask and for which type of skin they are recommended:


Rose Mask


A natural fiber mask with rose extract to moisturize skin for a radiant appearance. The rose extract enriched fiber mask is created to infuse the skin with intense moisture. Its ingredients are meant to plump and create the appearance of fresher, brighter skin. The smell of this mask is divine and it indeed does make your skin feel hydrated and fresh. I love it!

Green Tea Mask


Green Tea extract mask that purifies, mattifies, and tones down blemishes.  This fiber mask reduces the appearance of skin imperfections as well as its ingredients absorb excess sebum, creating a purified/mattified complexion.

Ginseng Mask


Ginseng root extract that tones and revitalizes skin to restore suppleness. It provides a tightening effect and restores the appearance of suppleness and vitality. The result is a complexion that is toned, replumped, and energized.

Red Pomegranate


Pomegranate extract mask that tones, revitalizes, and illuminates skin. This fiber mask relieves dry and sensitive skin. Its ingredients relieve signs of fatigue, awaken, and tone the skin. The result is skin that is more energized, illuminated, and radiant.

Pearl Mask


White pearl mask that reduces blemishes while evening out and brightening the skin complexion. Enriched with natural origin white pearl to even out skin tone as well as help minimize irregularities for a fresher, brighter appearance. This is my favorite mask of them all. I even went back and bought this mask multiple times. I love the way my skin feel after I apply the mask.

Honey Mask


Honey extract mask that nourishes and soothes the skin. This mask relieves dry and sensitive skin to create comfortable, balanced skin.

These masks are very easy to apply:

-unfold the mask

-apply the mask onto a cleansed dry face

-after 15-20 minutes remove the mask and gently massage, allowing the excess product to penetrate the skin. Do not rinse.












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