One-On-One With FanArtist Christy Opie

Hi everyone!

For today’s Motivational Monday with Melissa, I wanted to introduce you to my younger sister, Christy Opie!


My talented younger sister joins me for a quick chat about anime, authentic beauty and aspirations.

Alibaba Saluja by Christy Opie

M: Christy, who inspires you and why?

C: There’s a certain user on Instagram that I’ve been following for as long as I can remember and I’ve always admired her drawings. She has such an interesting style and she does not care whatsoever about what other people think about it. Every time she posts a new sketch, I feel inspired to draw.

M: Tell me a little bit about how you got started with drawing:

C: I started watching Pokemon and there was this one character I was completely obsessed with. The obsession lasted for about half a year, and during that time I just thought “I want to draw him.” I have no idea why. I started by studying pictures of him for hours and then trying to replicate it by hand. They all looked absolutely awful and hilarious, of course. I started to explore different styles as I watched more anime and my style is still changing now. I’m hoping to find my own unique style someday.


M: Awesome! How do you intend to make a difference in the world?

C: I’m hoping to encourage people to watch anime, or at the very least, respect it. Anime has helped me through very rough times in my life and I wish people wouldn’t look down on it so much.

M: Why do you think that anime gets a bad rap? And what would you suggest for people who are new to anime?

C: People think of animation as something for kids and too immature for them to give a chance. Others view anime as too adult-oriented, with either gorey or sexual content. So we get it from both sides, always too immature or too offensively “mature audience.” Because of this, they miss out on hundreds of excellent, intelligent, and well-written shows that could bring hours of enjoyment.

As far as suggestions go, I would ask, “What genre of books do you like?” and “What TV shows engage you the most?” Anime has a vast selection of styles and stories and there’s an anime for everyone. It’ll take some experimenting, but there is nothing more rewarding than just watching an anime that you love, suck you out of the real world and entertain you for hours.

M: What’s your favorite day of the week and why?

C: Saturday. There is no better feeling than falling asleep knowing that you’ll wake up to Saturday. It’s a comfortable day in the middle of the weekend and even if it’s busy or a horrible day, it’s still just…Saturday.

M: What message do you have for aspiring artists?

C: Keep. Practicing.

Every little smiley face and heart you doodle on your homework is a step towards your career. It doesn’t matter if it sucks or doesn’t come out right, you are gaining experience. Study people and the way they move and operate. See how their faces change with their emotions. It’s the same with animals and objects and scenery, you just have to keep observing. And remember that it doesn’t have to make sense. If your people don’t have legs, so be it. If they have three fingers, so be it. If that’s what you want, then people’s opinions don’t matter. It’s all about expressing yourself.

M: What makes a woman authentically beautiful?

C:I think that when a woman has genuinely accepted herself is when she has become truly beautiful. The women who have analyzed, studied, and accepted themselves and all their flaws are the ones who shine the brightest. You don’t need a pretty face or a jaw-dropping body to be authentically beautiful. You just need to be comfortable in your own body and find a way to enjoy life in your own special way without caring too much about what other people think of you. People will judge and hate and mock but those are the people who shouldnt matter in your life. Ultimately, I just love and admire the raw confidence that women have when they have accepted themselves.

M: What are your favorite anime(s) of all time?

C: 1. Haikyuu!! 2. Nagi no Asukara 3. Magi (both seasons) 4. Barakamon 5. Cuticle Detective Inaba

Thanks Christy for letting us into your world.

Check out her Etsy store here.

What inspires you? I’d love to know. Leave a comment below ❤

Follow Your Dreams,


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