Will Eating Less Sugar Help You Lose Weight?

Hello my friends!
It’s Melissa’s Motivational Monday, and I believe that most of us know the answer to the question, “Can eating less sugar help you lose weight?”

The answer is yes.

We have seen plenty of research that excess sugar wreaks havoc in our bodies, and yet, we can’t stop eating it.
Here’s why:

I hope that you are starting to read the ingredients listed on the packaged food you buy. That’s an imperative first step towards being a knowledgable consumer. Don’t assume that if it’s sold at the grocery store, it’s safe for us to eat. Selling food is a business. And the sugar industry does NOT want you to stop eating sugar. No way.
Sugar is listed with many different names in order to disguise it’s presence.


Scientists have found that sugar is more addictive than nicotine, and lights up the same part of your brain as cocaine and heroin!
That’s no laughing matter, people.
As you can now see, your “sweet tooth” and sugar cravings are NOT so simple to get rid of, and like any other addiction, you will experience withdrawal symptoms.

3. It temporarily FILLS a special spot in your heart.
You’re probably aware of how important the mind-body connection is, and if you’re not, I’m here to tell you that you’re missing out.
Have you noticed yourself wanting to devour that container of double-brownie-cookie-dough-ice cream-cake when your heart aches? I know that I do.
Maybe you’re out on the boardwalk surrounded by happy couples and you suddenly splurge on cotton candy and fried Twinkies .
Or you’re watching TV and you go dig out some emergency chocolate from the cupboard.
Whatever the trigger may be, take the time to notice it. Let yourself acknowledge what’s missing in your life. Maybe it’s sweetness. Maybe it’s something else. Identify it, own it, and don’t be a slave to it.


Please know that you’re not alone and you are sooooo loved.

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“Eat less sugar; you’re sweet enough already”


Oh! I'm doing the #FedUpChallenge starting today. That means NO SUGAR for Melissa for 10 days.
I'm excited to share with you my journey.
Want to join me?
Message me and we shall get through this together! Muahahaha! 😉

By the way, here's the documentary that I watched: (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

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