Autumn Colors

Time flies… at the blink of an eye august ended and gave way to fall to step in.  September 1st got here but all of a sudden it is now mid september. Where does the time go? Although Lisa and I live in Miami, and the weather here pretty much stays the same all year round, who says we can’t play up our style and enjoy fall fashion.

Fall fashion does not necessarily mean you have to bundle up and wear heavy clothing, as long as you know how to pair up your clothes, the colors, as well as the accessories you cary with you.

For my outfit I decided to wear a grey ensemble (skirt and top) with silver and black accents sewn to it. The fabric was a little thicker which gave the ensemble a “fall vibe”.


Although it does not get cold in Miami, the weather can be at times breezy. I decided to pair my ensemble with a grey mink. This is very chic, parisian, and elegant. It makes the outfit stand out more as well as adds a touch of sophistication to it.  As for the shoes and accessories, I decided to keep it simple. I grabbed my nude heels from my closet. They are delicate and suitable for this outfit.





Here is where you can find the outfit:

Grey Ensemble (Top and Skirt): Rik-Rak

Grey Mink: Rik-Rak

Shoes: Aldo

Bracelet: Rik-Rak


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