Hey dolls!

Today I got my shipment of my Skims Velour Collection order, so of course I had to film a try on and review of this iconic drop. Watch my Skims try on and unboxing video for all the tea:

So, as you can see in my try on, the sizes were a little off. I initially wanted a small for my bottoms, but since they sold out I had to settle for a medium, which I thought wouldn’t be THAT big of a jump from a small. I wear a medium in the cotton rib boxer, and they fit a little tight so I though the medium velour track pants would fit okay. Clearly, that wasn’t the case because these pants (intended to be high waisted) barely stay up. I will definitely have to get them taken in.

The bandeau looked WAY too small to try on but it ended up fitting just okay, they’re definitely a little tight so I should have gotten a medium, but again with the drastic difference in sizing it may have been too big like the pants. I can work with the top.

The zip up top is perfect, trying it on I loved the oversized fit for me, and the material is super cozy.

My only concern with velour/velvet clothing is that after a couple washes, the material turns dry and towely. If any of you have tips on how to preserve this set I would appreciate it if you could drop a comment below!

In case you missed it, here is my initial Skims haul and try on video for their solutionwear:

Did you get your hands on this set? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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