Why You Have No Zing In Your Step

Happy Lovely Monday!

With the recent Robin Williams suicide, people have been talking about depression a lot more than usual.
It’s a real thing.

It says a lot about our society, like where we are at these days.
First world problems, right?

It seems like the highly sought-after “fame and fortune” does not guarantee happiness.

So what are you truly searching for?
What do we long for?

I’m so excited to bring you my first of many videos.

1. Purpose
To the degree that you have a purpose, you have a reason for living. You have oomph and thrust. You have that thing that you wake up for. That thing that keeps you from wallowing in self-destructive habits.

2. Honor
If you don’t respect yourself, who will? If you don’t honor who YOU ARE as a person, then why would anyone else? If we constantly look to others for approval, then your happiness depends on others. How empowered is that?

3. Personal responsibility
This is a big one that gets easily overlooked. It’s a painful one to swallow, but you are responsible for where you are today.
I get it; It’s so much easier to play the victim card, but guess what? If it’s everyone else’s fault or life’s fault, then you will always be feeling small. Who wants that? I want you taking up space! I want you embodied! Be in your body and own that power.

Thanks for watching and reading. Let me know what you think!

Always believing in you,

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