Miami Moonlight

After a long and exhausting week the weekend finally arrived. It’s Saturday night! Although August, it has never been as hot in Miami. Throughout the day you could almost feel like you are melting as you are making your way throughout the city running errands. As it is Saturday the streets of course are as crowded as they can be, filled with people hastily running from place to place. Lisa and I decided to wait until evening to go anywhere in hopes of the weather getting a little cooler or breezier.

Well… in spite of what we had hoped for, it was 10pm and outside the heat was just as unbearable. As we have not seen each other in a while we decided to still go on a walk on Lincoln road and catch up. We both wanted to have a relaxed girls night out!

Outside the city looked magical: the moonlight contrasting the dark sky, with the bright city lights, and the colorful store windows. I wanted to wear something elegant as always, however comfortable as any tight clothing would be unbearable. As I looked throughout my closet, my eyes fell on this pair of light cream pants which are very loose and flowy. Immediately I paired them up with a black top that was kind of backless. I decided to wear gold accessories and my outfit was all set!




For the hair I wanted to do something different. It was too hot to leave it down so I tried this new thing, I parted it and tied it multiple times. It took less than ten minutes to have my hair styled and be ready to go!

Here is where you can find the outfit:

Top: Urban Outfitters

Pants together with belt: A’Gaci

Shoes: Aldo

Earrings: Rik-Rak

Bracelet: Guess

Purse: Express





The night was amazing, filled with laughter and memories. ❤


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