One on One with Hairstylist Dilenia Peralta

I met New York hairstylist Dilenia Peralta at New York Fashion Week earlier this year. We decided to collaborate for a photo shoot in New York City a few weeks later, and we really bonded while working together on set! Not only is she one of the most ambitious and talented hairstylists I’ve ever worked with, but she’s also fun, kind, and inspiring so I had to share her story with you on Lady Code!

hair by dee dilenia peralta new york hair stylist


Dilenia’s Favorite…

Food: I honestly eat EVERYTHING! Im such a Foodie, but to narrow it down I can’t get enough of mexican food it makes me so happy.
Book: I would have to say The Alchemist, that book changed my life.
Hobby: Before doing hair I was a hip hop dancer and I will always be at heart, so dance is always my go to.
Place to Vacation: Any place warm! The sun and I are best friends.
Beauty Blogger: LISA OPIE DUH AGAIN!
Makeup Artist: Pat McGrath
Hair Stylist: My good Friend Mike Desir, he is thee most amazing Hair Designer and Head Piece creator.
Hair Product Line: Obsessed with EVO
evo hair products
Curling iron: Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium curling irons
Hair straightener: GHD Flat Irons are amazing
Hair Spray: Loréal Paris Elnett Satin
Dry Shampoo: Psssst!
Hair extentions: a big fan of Luxy Hair and Bellami Hair
dilenia peralta
What inspired you to get into the beauty industry?
Thats a funny question because growing up I have always styled hair for friends and family, as soon as I could legally start working I got a job as a receptionist at a high end salon. I started managing salons as well, until one day a good friend of mine who happened to be a salon owner and I was running her spot at the time, asked me so do you want to continue managing this place or get into doing hair finally? I thought about it and took that leap and enrolled myself into beauty school. Hairstyling to me has always been a form of my artistic expression. I’m happy to be here now and glad I made that leap.
Growing up, who was your beauty inspiration?
Man my beauty inspiration comes mostly from women like Janet Jackson / Lisa Bonet / Aaliyah and all those incredible 90’s Female artist. I truly love looks that are rough around the edges.
What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Being a hip hop dancer and a true lover of dance in general, the highlight of my career so far would have to definitely be working with Misty Copeland on a shoot I did assisting Hairstylist Sebastian Scolarici. That was both a blessing and a privilege.. I mean its MISTYONPOINTE! 
Do you have any interesting tips/tricks you can share with Lady Code?
I actually do! Ladies with medium to long hair are you ready?
Tip #1 how to curl your hair in a short time 
Step one: flip your hair upside down and brush it all the way up tying it into a loose high ponytail.
Step two: while your hair is in that cute high pony, what you want to do is section your hair in 1 inch sections using a curling iron and start curling your hair.
Step three: When you are done curling your ponytail, let it loose run your fingers through it and spray it to lock in curls with hairspray or beach spray.
_dilenia_ hair by dee dilenia peralta hairy stylist
Tip #2
How to create heatless beach waves…
Step one: before going to sleep divide your hair down the middle, clip one side away corn row one side.
Step two: take down the other side thats been clipped away and corn row that side as well.
Step three: go to bed and when you wake up in the morning, let the braids loose run your hands through it and spray with some beach spray.
What is My go-to look?
I live for messy buns
Hair product i can’t live with out?
As crazy as this sounds I cannot live without coconut oil, I absolutely love it for my skin and as a hair treatment.
dilenia peralta hair new york
Any projects going on at the moment?
As a matter of fact I do, I am going to start doing hair tutorials but it will be a tutorial that has not been done before. I am very excited about it and will upload it on my upcoming youtube channel, so def look out for that.
What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
To Love myself first and focus on me, after that everything else will fall into place. I had a hard year in 2015 and was focusing on all the wrong things, I truly want to encourage woman to truly love themselves. Self Love is so important nothing else matters!!!!!
Spring is right around the corner! What hair colors, cuts, and styles trending for spring?
I am truly living and dying for extremely blunt long or short bob cuts with tons of texture, i think its the right amount of edgy/sexy/funky we all need in our lives.
dilenia peralta
Keep up with Dilenia:
Instagram: @_dilenia_
Snapchat: deesir_jones


3 thoughts on “One on One with Hairstylist Dilenia Peralta

  1. When she mentioned you as her favorite Youtuber/beauty blogger, hahah! I gotta agree with her 💓 Also, her hairstyle tips were SO helpful, I needed them now that my hair is finally long enough 🙌


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