My Fitness Journey: Week 2 [Diets] [TeaMi Review] [Workouts]

Okay so it has officially been 2 weeks since I started dieting and working out on this mission to get my summer body back!

Let’s recap week 1:

Once thing that I did differently this week was that I started drinking TeaMi Blends Skinny Tea. I started it late and this is only my third day on the stuff, and it’s a 30 day program so let’s see how it goes!I don’t SEE a noticeable change in my body but looking at these photos helps me see how far I’ve come in just 14 days!

fitness blogger two week transformation

Here is my week 2 vlog with my TeaMi Review (so far), recipes, and fun ab & butt workouts with Raven Reed!

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8 thoughts on “My Fitness Journey: Week 2 [Diets] [TeaMi Review] [Workouts]

  1. thanks for this hun. i need to really lose weight now. its too much now 😦 i wanna bring a positive change in my life


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