Back to school: Plaid Blouse

We published earlier this week an article with our ideas and inspiration for going back to school on the first day! As we mentioned before remember to be creative, have fun, and play up the outfit with accessories. The first week of school is the easiest before getting overwhelmed with projects, exams, and homework. In this way you can have more time to prepare your outfits as well as make an entrance. For those that live in areas where it gets colder in the fall, as it is still warm in the first days, you can still enjoy wearing skirts and dresses.

This is another outfit that would be great for the first day of school! Yes, plaid is still very much in 🙂


For my outfit I wanted to get creative and do something different. I chose to wear a plaid button up shirt that is perfect for the cold classroom. The material is very light and comfortable and it also has long sleeves. I was not feeling the pants with this outfit so I decided to wear a skirt (these skirts have been very popular lately).  For shoes I decided to wear a pair of white pointy toed heels. The glasses were added just for fashion (as I normally don’t wear glasses) but they most definitely helped make a statement and tie the outfit together.




Here is where you can find the outfit:

Top: H&M

Skirt: Wet Seal

Glasses: Express

Start the school year in style  ❤




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