Why your diet is not working

Many times we have tried to lose weight and it seems that our diet or lifestyle is simply not working and the results are not showing.

Why not?

  • Eating “healthy” does not guarantee you will lose weight

Not all the food that is advertised as “healthy” it actually is. Some products such as nuts, cereal, and even fruits in some cases,  although seem healthy, may contain calories and if included in your diet will not shed off the pounds.

  • Do you want to lose weight or get toned?

This is an important question that you need to ask yourself! Remember that muscles weigh more, therefore if you are looking to get toned and have a diet and a lifestyle that include activities such as working out, then the scale might show you weigh the same or more, however all the body fat is turning into muscles! Do not get scared when you check the scale and you see that you weigh the same while the mirror tells you otherwise!

  • Neglect your sleeping schedule

While it is important to stay active when trying to lose weight, don’t exhaust your body! Getting rest is very important. When you are sleep deprived, it is difficult to stay motivated and continue with your workout plan and diet schedule. A good sleeping schedule will show results on your diet and eliminate stress, which is also a negative contributor.

  • Eat more 

While many believe that in order to lose weight you need to eat less, its actually the opposite! When you starve yourself and have one meal a day, your body stocks up on all the calories that it gets, including water. Eat several times a day small meals. Be consistent so that your body’s metabolism won’t be affected

  • Be realistic

Set realistic goals when it comes to your diet! If you want to lose  too much weight in a short period of time, and you don’t celebrate your short term goals, you will never feel content! Reward yourself and give yourself the necessary time. In the end the results will show!

  • All the temptations 

As if having a strict diet is not difficult enough on its own, there are also all the temptations such as restaurants, fast food places, and the high calorie deserts. It is hard to resist temptation and to refuse a friend when invited to lunch. Remember that your will is strong and think about your goal. If it helps write it down so that you see it, and won’t give in to temptation.

  • Working out is not showing results

Sometimes, although going to the gym and having a workout routine, the results don’t show. Have you ever thought that you could be doing it wrong? Consult a personal trainer or someone experienced that can guide you and insure that you are working out the correct weight, so that the effort will not be in vain.

  • Your not honest with yourself

Losing weight and toning your body is all about the time and effort you are willing to spend, effort being the most important part. If you cheat here and there, and you skip a workout or you go back to your old diet for even a day, the results will no longer show. You need to be focus and consistent. Be honest with yourself and evaluate your progress accurately.

  • Ask for help 

If you are not content with the results and exhausted all the options, you can always consult a dietician and a personal trainer. A nutritionist can explain better why the diet is not working or may recommend that you try something new. There are many methods you can try and a nutritionist might know the best one!

  • No concessions 

Never give in to temptation. Once you have selected your diet stick to it! If need be,  write down exactly what you can and cannot eat and always refer to it. As mentioned above, giving in here and there to “little treats” is detrimental and will hold you back from attaining your goal.

dieting vs cleansing



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