Leather, Leather, Leather


“Fall is my favorite season! It is perfect for fashion. It offers so many possibilities, and options to pair clothes and to create stylish outfits” 

European fashionista and romanian beauty Ioana Grama talks to us about fashion, sharing her styling ideas, inspirations, and current trends. She is currently a student at the University Dimitrie Catemir Targu-Mures in her third year, but aside from that she is also a fashion blogger.

I remember, although I was very little, wearing my mom’s clothes, styling myself, and looking in the mirror, or borrowing my older sister’s platform shoes and wearing them outside — the street was the runway.

Ioana recalls her passion for fashion started from a young age. “I was always passionate about fashion and clothes!” 

Fashion is important for us girls and the way we are dressed makes a first impression. It is very important to know where you are going and what you are dressing for, in order to be properly styled. “I remember I used to wake up early, right before going to school. There were times when I would take 15-20 minutes just to find the right outfit. Although I had a lot of clothes, I would still have difficulties choosing what to wear.”

“Since my mom lived in Germany for the past 8 years, she made sure that I would have a complex wardrobe, well accessorized, and with trendy clothes. She would send me packages at least twice a month with clothes from different brands like Takko, New Yorker, and shoes from Deichman :). Back then, I would be very excited about receiving these packages and about those brands!”

When Ioana was in high school, she started paying more attention to styling and fashion and she started searching for trends for inspiration. “During those times, I used to get inspired by different magazines like Cool Girl! I anxiously awaited for every issue! Now I get my inspirations elsewhere on sites like: Facebook, Look Book, and Chictopia.”

After graduating high school, Ioana moved to Mures for college into her new apartment. “Every penny that I had I spent on clothes. That is when I started dabbling in photography. I used to take pictures of my outfits daily, just for me to see how it looks,” says Ioana.

It never crossed my mind that I would become a fashion blogger and present my clothes for others to see, as well as give styling ideas to the readers! It has been 7 months since I started my blog.

Ioana also talks to us about her personal style, the clothes she likes to wear, and how to put a look together.

“My style is very relaxed and comfortable, you could say it is sporty-chic. I love wearing boyfriend jeans, because they look good paired with stilettos as well as sneakers or flats. When paired with heels they give off a vibe of an elegant but relaxed look. I also like wearing lose shirts, sometimes sweats, and sweaters with a skirt and heels– a very fashion forward yet relaxed look. To keep it versatile, I also like the punk-rock style, or snappy casual. It all depends on the mood I am in. I love how leather is in this season, especially the jackets. I adore leather skirts paired up with a soft white shirt and pointy heels which are also very in this season. This fall, the masculine style is also very popular along with metallic colors. Hats are in style as well. I have been wanting to buy a large black hat. Before I forget, burgundy is the color of the season and one of my favorites!!! I fell in love with this color! It is so elegant and vibrant. 🙂  

Her favorite stores are: H&M, Bershka, ZARA, Stradivarius. Ioana says she does not spend much time shopping online right now. But she thinks that there is tons of original and unique stuff online that are worth looking at.

At the end of the day, Ioana says that the most important advice she can give is: “wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and best suit you. When selecting an outfit make sure it fits right and it escentuates your body.”

Connect more with Ioana at:  www.ioanagrama.wordpress.com











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