10 fitness and diet tips

To stay in shape and have a great figure everyone says it is important to work out and go to the gym! That is completely right, however, there is something missing.

The secret to staying in tip-top shape is: CONSISTENCY!

When starting a new work out routine, diet, etc. the most important thing is to stick to it, and this is the hardest part! There are many distractions, conflicts of schedule, or other motives that can divert you from fulfilling what you started! Once you stop your routine, then the results don’t show and generally this is when people find excuses and blame other factors such as: the diet, the work out tips, their trainer, you name it! Take matter into our hands and don’t let it get to that level!

Here are 10 simple fitness tips that will help you stay consistent and attain your dream body!

  • Know your schedule

The key to constancy is knowing your schedule very well! Before you commit to a workout schedule, a diet, etc. know exactly what your schedule requires of you! Think of your availability and when you are more prone to working out, when you have the least distractions so you would not have to skip days into your workout routine. If your lifestyle requires you to travel take that into consideration in terms of your diet. Think of all the options before committing to something, or else you will get no results

  • Find a motivating work out buddy

Having a work out buddy helps motivate you and makes working out more fun! Find a work out buddy that has a workout schedule compatible to yours. However, when selecting through your friends for your work out buddy consider someone that will motivate not discourage or distract you! Also, although going to the gym or on a run at the same time, people have different bodies, therefore some may have a higher/lower endurance. Make sure you know your pace and stick to it. Do not force yourself to do things that are too hard on your body. If it happens that your work out buddy cannot join you on a particular day, still go to the gym! Remember consistency is important

  • Lift instead of doing aerobics

A common myth around women is that lifting weights will turn them too muscular and make them look manly. This is a big misconception because women lack the amount of testosterone that male’s bodies produce. Therefore when lifting weights at the gym this will tone your body and give you a slender shape.

  • Know when to increase your exercise

It is important that you know your body limits. Depending on how in or out of shape you are and how frequently you work out, will reflect on your workout routine. At first you may start with small weights, use the machines on a lower level and for a shorter time. As you build endurance and your muscles are toning, you will want to increase the weights to heavier sets and stay on the treadmill or other machines longer. This comes with consistency as you have a routine every day, with time your body will adjust. Never push yourself to lift weights that are too much for you to handle as this is damaging for your body and will cause you to want to take a break from working out. Increase everything little by little for good results.

  • Relieve your muscles 

After a long and tiring workout, your body more than likely will feel it. In order to avoid being sore, make sure to stretch before and after your workout. When finished with your workout, to relieve your muscle aches, submerge in a cold bath for 10 minutes. You may consider even using ice cubes to make the other colder. This will help you relax and prevent soreness.  It is also recommended that you get a massage at least once a month.

  • Stay Hydrated

Water is very important for your body! Make sure to stay hydrated while you exercise. Drink little sips frequently rather than working yourself out and taking big gulps. Taking big gulps is not good for your heart as it will not be able to process all the extra effort. Staying hydrated will also keep you energized throughout your workout. Avoid electrolyte loaded drinks as they are an excess of unnecessary calories. Stick to plain water!

  • Consider your eating portions

Change up your diet! If you are trying to lose weight/stay in shape the best thing to do is to have a consistent diet. Aside from eating healthy foods, a good diet also needs adequate portions. Instead of eating once or twice a day big meals, consider eating multiple times throughout the day little portions. Balance your diet! While eating protein is important consider adding more veggies to your diet. Make your meals more versatile. Sometimes have meals that consist of more veggies and less meat and vice versa. Or you can do half – half. Try to avoid dishes that are high on calories such as potatoes, pasta, barbecue ribs).

  • Have a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Start your day right by going for a high carbohydrate breakfast.  You could enjoy a bowl of oatmeal with fruit, cereal with yogurt, or french toast.  For those who enjoy grapefruits they could cut them in half and enjoy. Try to avoid sugar!

Coffee is also great, especially for those who plan on working out in the morning. Coffee is excellent for athletic performances as it give you extra energy and makes you alert.

  • Add flavor to your food

Many complain and say that eating healthy can be boring and tasteless.  Add fun to your meals with spices, herbs, lemons, and limes. Just a few drops of lemon juice or sprinkling spices on your meal can completely change its taste and make it more flavorful. The spices, and herbs contain almost no calories therefore you don’t need to worry about your weight.

  • Avoid eating late at night 

You should not be eating past 10pm. It is important to spread out your meals throughout the day. Your body’s digestion works best in the morning/early afternoon hours. Avoid overloading your plate in the late afternoon/evening. This is the easiest way to gain weight, when you are winding down and wrapping up your day, boredom sets in and we generally start binging. Have early dinners! If you really have to eat something, try going for a light snack, usually fruits.

Follow these tips and be considerate towards your health! Take care of your body!!!





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