Where Does True Confidence Come From? (Part One)

Happy Monday ❤
Let’s start your week off right!

I’m sitting here today sipping green tea (with a dash of cardamom) and feeling quite peaceful. Even though I have a never-ending to-do list, I’m able to fully BE in this moment. This perfect moment.

I want to share that with you.

I have big plans for us.

But, first things first:

Guess what?
You are awesome and beautiful.
How does that feel?

Are you blushing? Do you feel more confident after hearing that from me?
If you feel slightly pumped up, it’s likely that it won’t last long.

And that’s what I want to talk about today.

Everlasting Confidence.

Let’s start with some word-clearing:

Everlasting: Lasting forever or for a very long time.

Confidence: The state of feeling certain about the truth of something. A feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.

Therein lies the struggle. Well, nothing is “everlasting,” right? True. Life is movement. Things are constantly changing. And so, on and on life goes, changing away. Do you have any power to control this? Yes. To the degree that you choose to. And this is fundamental, folks: When you choose to be CAUSE of life and not the EFFECT of life, your whole world shifts.

Change is hard. Success is hard. Failure is hard. Believing in yourself is hard. I get it. I’ve soooo been there.

The difference between the person who gets things done and the person who doesn’t do squat? Confidence.

The 90% of Americans who would rather die than change the way they live, (even when they know that the way they live is killing them)  …. well, they don’t believe in themselves enough to change.

We’ve all had broken dreams, tearful nights and lost faith in humanity (and ourselves). It’s what we choose to do after that experience that makes all the difference.

❤ Stay tuned for part two next week! ❤

In the meantime, read on to check out my latest and greatest program that was created with YOU in mind.


Are you ready to be a ConfidentBelle?


  • You have the heels, the outfit, the hair, the nails, the phone, the arm candy…. But you’re still missing something.
  • You desire to possess that natural unwavering glow that captures the hearts of those around you (so much so that they don’t even notice that new zit that you’re desperately covering up).
  • You’re ready to exude confidence that can’t be taken away (or given) by others.
  • You tried “faking” the confidence, you practiced the hair flip and the strut, but you want to feel it in your heart and soul, in your very bones.

Well sister, I’m talking to you.

Email me now for more details. This is the first step.

melissa (at) embody your soul purpose (dot) com

With a story to tell, a body that sings, a heart that takes over the planet and tells life what to do…

You – my ConfidentBelle graduate, will be a FORCE to be reckoned with!

You will come out of the program with:

  • A new-found ability to make decisions! (quickly and easily)
  • A clearer mind, toned body, better sleep, more energy.
  • Weight off your shoulders, more freedom to breathe.
  • An end to procrastination and self-destructive habits.
  • Improved relationships and communication skills.
  • A clear plan and knowing what you’re doing with your life.
  • Those things that you’ve put off for years? DONE. CHECK. TAKEN CARE OF.

If not today… then when?

With all my love and a gentle kick in the butt,
Melissa ❤

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