Q&A: How Can I Stay Motivated To Work Out?


I try hard to go to the gym every day but it’s really hard to get motivation! I’ve tried the 30-day squat and ab challenge and I always lose track. Do you have any suggestions to help me work out more?



We are all on that boat! We may try commit to go to the gym every day after New Year’s or after watching the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but that desire to commit to work out fades after a while. When you need an extra boost to help you stay motivated, buy a new workout outfit! When you spend money on cute workout gear, you will want to wear it and show it off more rather than let it sit in your closet! Buy new shoes, a new pair of yoga pants, or a cute sports bra top! You will be dying to show it off at the gym, plus working out in cute gear is more fun than working out in an old T-Shirt and your high school gym shorts.  New yoga pants or shoes may seem expensive but its a great investment– and it will pay off! Another thing that would help is to find a real workout buddy who will consistently motivate you to go to the gym. Also, try paying for a gym membership or fitness class instead of using your school’s free gym or the gym in your apartment building. When there is money coming out of your pocket to invest in getting in shape, you will be less likely to let it go to waste by skipping gym day (plus these gyms have better equipment)!  Signing up for a 5k will also motivate you to train for the big day and get you in shape!

I hope these suggestions help, but remember, what works for me may not work for you!

How to stay fit




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