Detoxing for Wellness Wednesday

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone,

The post below was inspired by an article my mom, Dr. Elizabeth Trattner wrote for a national magazine and her blog on detoxing.

It seems to me that everyone is making New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier, work out more (something I have witness at my college gym), act nicer to others and DETOX!

However, we are living in a society that is too engaged with technology and less connected with our natural environment. Although there are many pros to these technological advancements, one of the biggest downfalls is that we are unable to “ground down”, meaning we seem to have problems unhooking ourselves from social media like Instagram and Facebook. We are in a never ending race to post every social moment, instead of being present and experiencing the moment.

We have become focused one episodic cures. My Wellness Wednesday tip for you is to incorporate several prolonged life changes instead of a quick juice cleanse. Try to get to bed earlier, eat organic food, cut back on refined sugar. These small steps make a big difference.

Another great idea for a detox in to take a trip outdoors where there is bad cell phone reception and practice taking a break from technology. Research has found that spending time outside in nature, without cell phones and laptops can refresh the brain and also increase attention and focus.

This new year, make it a resolution to connect to your food and loved ones, and disconnect from things that do not serve you.

You can read the full article that inspired me for this post at:


Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Char ❤


11 thoughts on “Detoxing for Wellness Wednesday

  1. Awesome advice!! I love that you suggest doing more of a lifestyle change as opposed to just a quick few days and done!!! Adopting a healthier lifestyle has been a major help to me💚


  2. I personally am not in to detoxing but I am into making healthier choices, like drinking mainly water and eating vegetables instead of Doritos, etc.


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